Thursday, Aug. 18, 2005

A Look Back On Summer 2005

The weather seems to be getting cooler. The high 90's temperatures that we've seem to be having all summer long are slowly coming to an end. The humidity has decreased drastically within the past week or so. All of the stores are advertising back to school specials and recently on the news I saw that high school football starts in just two weeks. Adam's pool league starts at the beginning of September too. Today is August 18th. Summer is slowly coming to an end.

I love the feeling of when summer begins; the snow melts, the weather begins to get warm and the sun comes out of hiding. The anticipation of summer and what it will bring is something I look forward to every year. Unfortunatly it seems as though summer ends as quickly as it begins. I truly am sad to see this summer come to a stop. It was a lot better than last summer in many different aspects. I was able to go more places, and just simply do a lot more summer activities. Not to mention that I've made a lot of good friends this summer and was able to realize that and appreciate it.

As the summer was about to start, Adam realized that he didn't have any summer clothes. He was in need of new shorts, sandals, and shirts. Good thing he has me as his own personal shopper. At the end of May I decided to go to the mall to buy him new clothes. Oh, and of course there is always gossip. It is included in this entry as well.

Ever since I can remember, summer has always brought back certain memories for me. I can recall certain things that happened years ago. Most of them are good, but there is one memory that I wish I could completly erase from my mind. Unfortunatly, the bad memories are usually ones that I can remember in great detail.

During the summer, most people get to see friends whom they haven't seen all year due to them being away at school. I didn't see any old college buddies, but I did get to catch up with someone I hadn't seen in awhile. I like how when summer starts people seem to suddenly become a lot more active. Everyone is so tired of being cooped up all winter that they just want to get out. This year, I played miniature golf and also learned how to play Texas Hold'em. I had my first experience shadowing Adam and Ben around on a real golf course as well.

Work is always interesting when the summer begins. My boss always decides that we don't need a whole staff because of the summer months being slow, so he always cuts my hours. I think he regrets his actions this year though, seeing as how we had so many people leave.

I went to my first Japenese Steak House. I'd go there again. The food was excellent.

This year I got to get away more than last year. Last year the only place I went was the beach, but this year I got to go to Six Flags. I also visited my sister in Philadelphia and went to the Live 8 concert. Of course I can't forget my trip to New York City where I saw Eminem and all those other crazy black guys.

A little more planning was involved in Adam's birthday presents this year. I made the right choices when deciding what to buy him. We use his gifts just about every Tuesday night when we play cards at our place.

The majority of my weekends were spent doing things like this.

Each year Adam's family flies in from California to visit. This year they flew in for a big surprise for Adam's grandparents. And of course, who could forget when I did this. There is always one summer night when I just get really trashed. This time, a little toooo trashed I think.

One weekend we had some bad experiences with locking our keys not only in my car, but in the house as well. I still can't believe we did that and on the same weekend none the less.

My debts are finally paid!!!! Now I don't have to worry about going to jail. Never in my life would I have thought that I would ever need to type that sentence. You will not believe what a relief it is knowing that the whole situation is taken care of.

Only about two weeks left before the month of September begins. The fall is coming too quickly. It won't be long until we see the leaves changing colors, and when it is 60 degrees we will think it feels like 30 because we won't be used to the cooler temperatures. I hate getting ready for the transition from summer to fall, but hate the transition from fall to winter even more. However, when that time arrives I will think back on all the fun I had these past three months. At least I can look back on this summer with a lot of fond memories. I think it will be one that I'll never forget.

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