Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2005

Most Boring Entry Ever

The other night I went to Wal Mart to buy Adam another set of poker chips for his birthday and saw that Sopranos Season 5 was out on DVD. Without even hesitating, I picked up the box and put it in my cart. He has been waiting for Season 5 to come out on DVD for months. So, I bought him the DVD's, poker chips, lighters and 2 decks of standard playing cards. The poker tabletop and poker chip lighters have not arrived yet. According to the website, the items were shipped out and should be delivered to my house tomorrow. I am just hoping that when I get home, the packages will be at my front door though. Technically, he will turn 24 tonight at midnight so I thought it would be nice to have him open his gifts tonight after he gets off work. Whenever I buy presents for people I cannot wait for the person to open them. Hopefully he will like his birthday gifts. I think he will though.

Over the weekend Adam and I went to a Japenese steak house. I ordered sushi as an apetizer - love it. Adam would not try it though. He took one look at it and said,"I don't want to eat that. I'm afraid it will make me sick." I kept persisting and he kept declining. I've always liked sushi so it's hard for me understand why someone would not like it or not even want to try it at least. For me entree I ordered mushrooms and scallops. They were real scallops too. A lot of restaurants try to pass off shark meet for scallops. The atmosphere was very nice, low key but sophisticated. I loved it. We will defnitely be going back to that place. Other than that, and playing poker last night with our friends, nothing else has been going on. This is the most boring entry ever.

missdahling at 6:10 pm