Monday, May. 23, 2005


I got the chance to catch up with an old friend on Friday night. We haven't hung out for about a year so when he asked if I'd like to get a bite to eat with him, I was happy to accept the offer. We browsed and bought CD's at Circuit City, then went to the mall and walked around for a bit. I get along with him so well and we are so much alike. We both wonder why we are in such a small area. We agreed that we don't belong here. I told him how Adam and I want to be out of this town within the next few years. Where are we going to go? We aren't quite sure....we want to experience all there is to know and it would be impossible to do in the town we live in. Hopefully we'll be able to save up some money and move to a larger city at least for awhile.

On my way home, Adam called wondering where I was. He was a little worried because when he tried calling earlier, I didn't hear my phone ring. It's nice to have someone who cares enough to be worried about you, even when there is nothing wrong.

That night we only went out for a few drinks before returning home. It was Adam's idea to be home early because the next day he was playing in a poker tournament and wanted to be rested up.

At 6:10 am I woke up to see Adam awake and smoking a cigarette. He was so excited about playing cards that he couldn't sleep. The game didn't start for another six hours. I tried to stay up with him for awhile so he wouldn't be bored, but I was so tired that I fell asleep quickly. While I was sleeping he went out for breakfast, had some coffee and shot a few games of pool. When he arrived home before the card game, he asked if I wanted to take him to the game so I could have use of my car but I told him to just take it. I was tired and wasn't getting up for anything at that time.

Much later in the afternoon Liz, Sherri and I drove around for a bit, then decided to get something to eat. I figured that Adam was doing well in the game since he hadn't come home yet. When he met my friends and I at the restaurant, he told us that he finished about half way through. Not as many people showed up as they expected, but there were still about 35 people who played. I thought he played well, staying in until half the guys were cut out but I could tell he was disappointed. He did have fun though.

He didn't win the poker tournament but he kicked my ass playing miniature golf yesterday. He won last year when we played at Ocean City too. I had back to back hole in ones yesterday. We both watched the golf ball excitedly as it went in the hole after the first stroke. He smiled and said,"A hole in one!! What a good golfer. Give me a kiss." I was pleased with myself. I'm a horrible mini golfer.

After we went for a burn run, we went out to eat, then to the store. I bought a copy of Napolean Dynamite and Adam bought a small Texas Hold'em poker kit and the latest Grand Theft Auto. Last night was Adam's first attempt at how to teach me how to play Hold'em. Well, he's explained the game before, but last night was the first that we actually used chips. It was so much easier learning now that there are chips involved. He said that we'd play a game every night so I get good at it and comfortable enough to play in a big group. I think within a few nights I will start to get the hang of it a lot better. Then I will be a hustler.

Grand Theft Auto is addicting. I can see myself playing that all day long on a Saturday or Sunday. I had forgotten how fun those games are.

This weekend I was hoping to go away. I just wanted Adam and I to go overnight somewhere to get away for awhile. With rent and my car payment due plus the taking the cat to the vet I don't think it's going to happen. There's always next weekend I guess.

missdahling at 9:08 pm