Saturday, Jul. 16, 2005

Adam's Aunt Comes to Town

Have you ever sat in a bar with your friends, drinking up a storm, having a great time; trying to catch a buzz so you keep on drinking, then when you get up to use the restroom all of the alcohol you just consumed over the last few hours just hits you all of a sudden? I guess that's what happened to me last night; it just hit me all at once. However, I'm still trying to decipher exactly what happened to me last night. Some of it's a blur.

Adam's Aunt Lisa and her two daughters flew in from California this past week to celebrate Adam's grandparents' (Lisa's parents) wedding anniversary. Lisa and my dad have been close since before either Adam or I were even born, so they go way back. It's such a coincidence that Adam and I got together and his family knew my family from years ago. Lisa is a partier. Always has been and always will be. I guess she's calmed down a lot, but she still parties, even though she has three daughters. The two that flew in with her are younger; both are under the age of 13. Her other daughter, who is about a year older than I am lives with her boyfriend about six hours away from her mom, step dad and sisters. She works behind the scenes for MTV. I think they've tried to make her famous, but she only ended up landing small roles for tv sitcoms and some movies. Last year she came to Pa to visit, but I guess she couldn't make it this time. I've never met her, but my dad is actually her godfather. Lisa and her family come to visit each summer for usually a week at a time. Last year was the first that I had ever really hung out with her besides last night.

Adam pulled up at my work about five minutes after I had gotten done. I was standing outside smoking a cigarette when I saw the car. After I had sat down, put my seatbelt on and shut the door, Adam said,"My Aunt Lisa, other aunt, uncle and cousin are all at the bar. They told me to bring you down after I picked you up but I told them I wasn't sure if you'd want to because you had to work at 8 in the morning." He then mentioned that he wanted to try to get his Aunt Lisa to smoke pot with us. After considering it for a brief second, I said,"Well, I want to do that now, but then we can go to the bar, but I don't really want to stay out too long." So we drove home, got stoned and went to the bar.

The place was full. Lisa and Adam's family were sitting right inside the door. The whole bar was full and there were a few people shooting pool who were sitting at a table. Adam asked what I wanted to drink and I told him that I wanted a Captain and Pineapple. It had been awhile since I'd drank one of those. They went down so well. There wasn't even a hint of the Captain taste. Adam bought me a few and his uncle bought me one too. We mostly sat at the bar, talking to Adam's family and a close friend of his family's. A few guys from my high school were there as well. I actually see them out quite often but rarely ever talk to them. The one guy really droves me crazy and not in a good way either. He is the-best at everything. Or so he thinks. It was funny .. Adam and I were sitting at the bar talking to his uncle when Adam motioned to his cousin, who is 15 yrs. old. He said quietly to his uncle,"Ben looks like he needs a beer." His uncle just kind of shook his head yeah and laughed. They left before Adam, his Aunt Lisa or I left. As soon as they were out the door, Adam told me to ask Lisa if she wanted to smoke pot with us. "I loove getting stoned,"Lisa said.

Lisa, Adam, and a good friend of their family's (Cheryl) came over to our house after we left the bar. We sat around our kitchen table listening to Lisa and Cheryl tell crazies stories about Adam's mom. They told us about the time when Lisa and Adam's mom were so stoned one day while going on a burn run and Adam's mom started talking to cows. Cheryl told us how once, they were all smoking and Adam's mom was singing along with the radio, only it were static. "She would never leave the house without makeup, even if she was only going to take the garbage out and she'd spend hours in front of the mirror,"Lisa was saying about Adam's mom. He looked at me when she said this and I was thinking,"God, that sounds so much like me." Don't they sometimes say that a guy chooses a wife or girlfriend who is much like his mother? There was another story about a Sammy Hagar concert that I don't remember all the details to. During these stories, the bowl was being passed around and we were all drinking beer. I suddenly began to feel like I couldn't sit there any longer. I didn't exactly feel sick, but I needed to lay down. So, I excuse myself politely from the table. Adam says,"Ok, I'll be up to bed soon."

'Oh. My. God. Why and how did I allow myself to get this fucked up? When I'm this fucked up it's not even fun,' I was thinking to myself in my head, 'I don't want to be like this, but oh well, it already happened.' Everything around me was blurry as Adam helped me up off of the kitchen floor. When I got up from my chair after I had told everyone I was going to bed, I walked no more than 3 steps and fell on the ground. I don't even really remember falling. Adam told me that he rushed over to me while Cheryl and Lisa were like,"Oh my god!" With Adam's help, I stood up again, then stumbled / crawled up the steps. My sandals kept falling off when I was staggering up the stairs, trying to make it to my bedroom. I finally just gave up on my sandals. At this point I didn't give a shit if they kept falling off. I think I left one on the steps and the other at the beginning of the hallway at the top of the stairs. I was just about to the bedroom door when I guess I just collapsed. Adam said that I fell to my knees, just let myself go and he caught me luckily. I snapped back to consciousness when I heard Lisa and Cheryl yell from downstairs that they were going to leave. I yelled a faint goodbye, looked down at myself and thought,"What the fuck....when did I throwup?" I had gotten sick on myself and a little on Adam. It happened for the mere moment that I was passed out. Adam told me that he was really, really worried. "Ok, we're both getting in the shower," I remember him saying.

Again, I picked myself up with Adam's help and made my way to the bathroom. I turned on the water, disregarded the puke on my capris, undressed and slowly slithered in. I washed my face and let the water come down on me. I wasn't in there for very long until I got back out. I couldn't get the water temperature just right. It was too hot. I sat on the bathroom floor, almost obvlivious to the fact that Adam was puking. I think I drove him to that after he saw me get sick. Not to mention that I got sick ON HIM. God, I apologized profusely. "Please get the water colder," I said. He did so and I slithered into the shower once again as Adam followed me. "What's that?" Adam asked looking down at the shampoo in my hand. I said,"It's shampoo to wash my hair with. I lathered my hair then was too lazy to rinse out the shampoo so Adam did it for me. The whole time I leaned against the shower wall. "Is my hair rinsed?" I asked. "Do you want to go lay down?" asked Adam. Yes I did. That's what I was trying to do the whole time! haha.

I was finally in bed. I tried to go to sleep but surprisingly I had a hard time doing so. I layed there for awhile tossing and turning. Adam came upstairs after he made himself something to eat. I remember that he kept laughing at me (after he realized that I was alright). I don't remember falling asleep.

Most people like to sleep in late after a night of drinking, but not me. A lot of times when I drink, I wake up really early the morning after. I did glance at the clock before I went to bed and it read 1:30 - 2:00am. I woke up this morning at 4:30 - 5:00am. Adam woke up too because I was tossing and turning. I started talking to him and didn't shutup until I had to get ready to come here to work. I was wide awake. Alcohol does work as a stimulant with me. So here I am at work....not hungover the least bit, and not tired. But god, what a night.

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