Monday, Aug. 15, 2005

Another Weekend

On Friday evening after I was finished working, my cell phone rang. It was Adam calling to tell me that we were invited to our friends' house, Sara and Dave's and wanted to know if I'd mind going. Of course I didn't mind. I was happy to go and even more happy that he called right after I got off work. Usually he waits to call me until last minute and then I don't have time to take a shower or get ready. For a few minutes I layed down on our comfortable bed, smoked a cigarette and just unwound from the day.

After my shower I scrunched my hair because I didn't feel like taking the time to blow dry it, then curl it. Then, I put on my makeup. I've found that I really like wearing bright eyeshadows. Lately I've been wearing an aqua color and I love it. That night I decided to wear one of the new shirts I had purchased while in New York. It is a fuschia, V-neck tank top that is sort of gathered at the stomach. I wore it with white pants and matching fuschia flip flops. I decided that it is a great outfit; not too dressy but I don't feel underdressed when wearing it either. It always takes me awhile to get ready no matter what steps I take to prevent it from becoming a long and tedious process. By the time I was done it was already almost seven o'clock and time to pick up Adam from work.

There was one person already at Sara and Dave's when we arrived. His name is also Dave. He is really good friends with Sara and Dave so he showed us around their front lawn because neither Adam or I have ever been to their place before. They own about an acre of land. They have a swingset for the kids in the yard along with a swimming pool. Dave told me that I could go inside if I wanted to. I did and found Sara in the kitchen cleaning up the dinner that they had eaten. The inside of their home is just as nice, if not nicer, than the outside. Dave built it himself and has yet to finish a room off of the kitchen. It's about halfway done. It seems that all of Adam and I's friends who are a little older than we are have these great houses in the country. Maybe that will be us someday. Who knows.

Sara and I sat at the kitchen table after she was finished with the dishes. Her daughter stopped to say hi to me and give me a hug as her and her friends came into the kitchen from outside. Sara's daughter is just wonderful. She is 11 years old. In a few years she is going to be beautiful. She has dark hair, dark eyes and tan skin. She acts just how I did when I was 11. She is getting into clothing and interested in boys and music. Throught the night I kept hearing Weezer and Holla Back Girl. All songs that I like. Sometimes I miss being that age. Sara told me that her and her friends had all girls. No boys at all. From as far back as I can remember I've always wanted a boy if I were to ever have children. Lately, I've been thinking about it a little more and have decided that having girls might even be more fun. Their clothes are cuter, hairstyles and accessories are cuter, I could do girly things with her such as shopping, manicures, pedicures, etc. I've always been told that boys are generally easier to raise, which being a girl myself, I believe! One day I'll find out I suppose.

About three more people came over to Dave and Sara's. Originally we had planned on sitting outside so that the kids could swim in the pool, but then we decided it was way too hot to be outside. Even though it was evening, it still felt like it was 3 in the afternoon. So, we all sat around the kitchen table in the air conditioning, played cards and drank vodka and sprites with lime. Sara was the first one out of the first card game so she went outside in the pool with the kids. Adam took second place during that game. I don't know how because he was short stack the whole time. None the less, he did win some money. He took the money and ran...we didn't stay for a second game because both of us had a long day.

When Adam got home from work on Saturday afternoon he told me that we were invited to Phil and Rhonda's house to play cards. You can probably tell that there is NOTHING to do around here...all people do is play cards, go to the bar, out to eat and the mall. At least with cards you have a chance to win money. That's what I like about it.

I really enjoy going to Phil and Rhonda's. On a Saturday night there is normally anywhere from 10 - 20 people there. It's amazing what a great group of people they are too. Everyone is really friendly towards one another, very helpful and kind. Rhonda's mother always makes food too. This week she made chili, another week she made potpie, and once she even made homemade funnel cakes which really amazed me. I didn't know there was a way to make homemade ones. Actually, anyone who can cook anything amazes me. This is coming from the girl who can barely boil water. Playing poker with them is awsome because they aren't too serious about it. It isn't like some games I've played in where everyone is uptight about it. With these people, it's just about having fun which makes it a good place to go for people like me who aren't as advanced in the game as others.

The only bad thing about going there is that they set up two picnic tables in their garage and that is where we play. I don't mind that, but it was just so hot outside that night it was almost unbearable. It was about 95 degrees, high humidity and the wind was at a standstill. I don't usually mind the heat, the 80's is actually the type of weather that I like, but even I was warm. However, everyone was commenting on how I didn't even break a sweat and everyone else looked like they had just taken a shower because of the sweat literally dripping off of everyone's foreheads. As the night went on though, it did seem to get a little cooler. Not a hugely significant amount, but a little.

Adam placed second and I in third after the first game was over. Since we had just made some money we decided to play in the second game. Neither of us placed in this one though. It wasn't a total loss though. We left with the exact same amount of money we came with so we pretty much played the second game for free.

I slept in on Sunday morning while Adam was golfing. He was in a scramble tournament against four other teams and ended up in second place, missing first by only one stroke.

In the afternoon we played in the card tournament at the bar, like we've been doing for the past month or two. I did horrible this time. I didn't even make the final table. Adam placed third though, just like I did last week. There weren't as many players this week though so the payout wasn't as high. I was happy to see him place because this is the first time he has since the tournament started. In four more weeks the tournament is over. I heard that we're taking a two week break, then starting another tournament which will end right before Christmas. That way, who ever wins the tournament overall, will have some spending money before the holiday. During the two week break, they are thinking about playing a game for a $50.00 or $100.00 buy in. Right now I am unsure as to whether or not I want to play in them. For that big of a buyin I will have to play my cards a lot differently. I wouldn't be able to play bullshit hands, I'd have to wait until I absolutly knew that I had a chance at winning the hand. I guess I'll have to see closer to the time if I want to do it or not. Who knows.

The month of August is halfway over. There aren't many weekends left in the summer. Too bad because I've been having fun.

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