Monday, May. 16, 2005

The Drama, B-Day, and Megan's Visit

Thursday night was fun. Adam left work around 11:30 when the other bartender, Cindy, came to relieve him from his shift. We stopped by to see his dad for a beer, then left. As we were leaving I had to endure many cat calls from the guys in the pool room. "They were yelling at you, honey. Ya sure ya don't want to stay and have a few drinks with them?" Adam teased. Yeah right.

For the first time in a few days, Adam and I smoked when we got home. We sat around our kitchen table, passing the bowl and playing a few hands of cards. When the first bowl was finished and we were both already high, Adam said,"We should call Cheryl to see if she wants to come out and hang out." When I talked to Cheryl on the phone, she said that she had just gotten a full beer. She somehow talked Adam and I into coming down for a drink while she finished hers. "Promise me you'll be down here in a few minutes." I said okay, then we headed down.

One white russian for me, one Miller light for Adam, and one Bud Light for Cheryl later, we were out the door. The first thing Cheryl did when she saw Mr. Skins was comment on how big he had gotten. She kept telling Adam and I how beautiful Panther and Skins are. Of course we agreed with her. The three of us smoked and played cards for a good two hours. Cheryl was fucked up by the time she left our house. We were all pretty fucked up actually. After we dropped Cheryl off at her house I was glad to get home and ready to lay down in bed.

Breifly, I woke up early on Friday morning, only to remember that I had left a voice message at work letting them know that I 'wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be in that day'. Yes! I got to sleep in! I must have been out because I don't think I woke up when Adam was getting ready for work and I almost always do.

When I finally did get up for good, I called Megan to let her know we could hang out anytime because I didn't go to work. When we made plans earlier in the week, she had told me to call after I got off work. She called back after her hair appintment asking if I'd be willing to go to the grocery store with her. She needed to buy food for her apartment. As we were walking down the aisles in the store, picking out food, it reminded me of when I was in college and would come home on weekends to stock up on food. I picked up a few things for myself while I was there too.

Liz came over after Megan dropped me off at home. She finally got to see my new place. We ordered Pizza Hut take out and came back to my house to eat. After dinner we smoked and talked. Friday was Heather's birthday. She called Liz while she was with me so I told her happy birthday and asked if she was planning on going out. She wasn't, which I think is ashame since you only turn 21 once in your life. Just because her husband didn't want to go out doesn't mean that she can't go out with her friends. Liz told me that Dan, Heather's husband, is getting kicked out of the marines in six months because of steroids. Heather is so upset because she doesn't know what they are going to do. I don't blame her, I'd be upset too. I guess the only thing I can do for Heather is be there for her.

The gossip I hear is always through Liz. She knows what's going on I guess. She told me about Dan and the steroid thing and also about another piece of interesting information. Kimmy, who just had a new baby in the middle of January .... is ..... pregnant again! The father is not the same one. Her current boyfriend, Justin who is Liz's former friend and mine as well will be the father of this baby. He was just ready to break up with her a few weeks ago too. Kimmy is probably glad about this pregnancy which is the sad thing. Glad for the fact that Justin won't leave her now. The situation is so wrong. She isn't a good mother to the son she already has and now she is bringing another child into this world ... don't even get me started.

Liz left and Adam returned home a bit later with our old neighbor, Brooke. I hadn't seen her for about a month. She said that Greg, her ex, was moving his stuff out of their apartment. She assured Adam and I that the separation was actually going well, very civil, surprisingly. She cheated on him and he caught her. Not red-handed, though. haha. I'm glad that things are going smoothly because they do have a daughter together. Brooke said that she isn't filing for full custody or child support or anything and Greg is more than willing to send money and take care of Zoe. I love that name too, Zoe. Brooke didn't stay too long but we exchanged phone numbers so we can all hang out another time.

Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot fall asleep, I always have to wake someone up to keep me company. When I lived with my parents, I usually woke up my sister. Now, of course I wake up Adam. He wasn't pleased when he awoke at 4:30am when he had to be up by 8am to be to work at 9. I felt bad too. I knew he had to get up. If it were me, I would have been miserable and pissed off, but he wasn't. We went out for breakfast, then I dropped him off at work for the day.

Come to think of it, all day long, I had been up since 4am too. Instead of going back to sleep after dropping him off, I came home, took a shower and headed to the mall. I was in search of new clothes for Adam. He desperatly needed clothes. He had one pair of shorts to wear (all his other pants and shorts either don't fit or are shot to shit) but the cat pissed on them that morning. Skins is getting vaccinated and neutered on the 26th. aww. I called the vet immediatly after that happened. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. I knew that I needed to call.

At the mall, I found nice things for Adam, but not for myself. For me, I bought only two tank tops and a pair of cotten shorts. For Adam, I found two pairs of jeans, a polo short, two pairs of shorts and a pair of sandals. I wanted to get him more things, but couldn't find too much else so I figured that these clothes would suffice until we can get him others. I was so excited about his clothes that I wasn't even mad that I didn't find much for myself.

Not long after I got home from the mall, it was time to meet Megan and Madison for lunch at Subway. We still had about twenty minutes to spare before Madison's soccer game so we visited my grandmother to kill time. Besides, Megan wanted to say goodbye to her before going back to school anyway. The visit with my grandmother was nice, but when we left, Megan pointed out that she was trying to make us feel guilty for not staying longer. For instance, Meg said to her,"So, do you have any plans?" My grandma replied,"Nope. I never have any plans." Then when we were leaving, she showed us a puzzle she was working on putting together and commented,"But I have a lot of time to do these things ..." I know that I should set aside more time to visit her and I do feel guilty about it.

I got to talk to Megan a lot while Madison was playing soccer. Meg is seeing a new boy from her school. His name is Phil and I guess they met at the baseball house, where he lives when he goes to school. His hometown is in South Jersey which is perfect because it's so close to where Megan will be staying this summer. I hope things work out alright between them. Meg was so funny when Madison was playing soccer too. Think 'soccer mom'. Megan was yelling to Madison from where we were sitting in the bleachers. She was like,"GOOOO MADISON!!!" It had me laughing so hard. Madison is lucky Megan won't be home this summer or she'd have poor Madison running laps around the yard.

Afterwards, I treated them both to Rita's. Madison because she played a good game. Even though her team didn't win, her playing skills have improved immensely. I was proud of her. I bought Megan Rita's because I won't get to see her for awhile. I had a lot of fun that afternoon. The visit went by too quickly. I didn't want it to end.

Adam and I stopped in the Eagle's that night for a few drinks, but didn't stay for very long. We were both tired from the night before so we rented movies and smoked. Oh, and he was so excited about his new clothes. He absolutly loved them. At one point, he said jokingly,"Wow! I went from rags to riches!" And when I showed him the new jeans, he was like,"These are like the ones I wanted!" Before I showed him the new clothes I told him to tell me if he didn't like anything because we could take them back and exchange them for something he would actually wear. I did a good job picking things out I guess because there was not one thing that he wanted to take back.

On Sunday afternoon I decided to go to a different mall than the one I had been at on Saturday to look for a few new clothing items for myself. I had plenty of time to do so because Adam was playing cards for the afternoon. I liked this mall because everyone was way friendlier; employees and shoppers and I found a lot more here. That was surprising because the mall I went to on Saturday had many more stores than the mall I went to on Sunday did. So I came home with a new skirt, two, new tops and two, new bras. I got the Victoria Secret strapless plunge bra that I've been hearing so much about.

Adam and I went out for Chinese food that night after we rented more movies to take home. The rest of the night was spent cuddling, watching movies and unwinding. I actually want this week to go by slowly. I'm not looking forward to this weekend so much. Ugh. I'll explain later.

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