Monday, Jun. 06, 2005

It's the Summer

This past weekend it was so, so hot outside during the day and so, so humid at night that it was a little uncomfortable to sleep. The thunderstorm that went through in the middle of the night stirred me in my sleep just enough to open my eyes, look over at Adam who was fast asleep beside me, smile, then close them and fall back into my slumber. Despite the storm that went through last night and the one that went through again this morning, it is still muggy outside. But I don't mind. I love my days sunny and hot and the nights humid.

It's really starting to feel like summer. I know that most people wouldn't describe summer as a feeling, but whenever the weather gets really warm, schools let out, you see kids playing on the streets, and old friends come home, I feel it. Even though I don't have the luxery of lounging around by the pool all day, hanging out with friends drinking and getting high each and every night like I did when I lived at home with my parents, summer is still summer. It's still a time of the year that is more fun than any other time. A time when a lot of great memories are made. Whenever I think of summer I think of a lot of fond memories ....

When I first met Adam, which will be five years ago next month, I still lived at home and he was home from college for the summer living at his grandparents' house. I'll be the first to admit that my initial attraction to him at first was a physical one. His hair was lighter then. It was cut short, but instead of it being a light brown like it is now, it was blonde with blonder highlights in the front. His eyes are a piercing blue, the color of the sky on the brightest day you can imagine; even bluer than Old Blue Eyes himself. Still, when he looks at me with those eyes I feel like I'm the most beautiful girl on earth. Even then, that's how he made me feel. And his smile just made me want to melt. He has perfectly staight teeth and has never had braces, unlike myself. He seriously looked like he could be an Abercrombie model. That's what he reminded me of when I first met him.

Since the attraction started out physical, we spent the majority of our time making out. That first summer we met we went to the drive-in movies frequently, or rented movies to watch at his dad or grandparents house. I was never interested in watching the movie. I would pretend to be entertained by whatever movie we happened to be watching, but I was really just waiting for him to kiss me. Sometimes we would just drive around and eventually find a secluded place to park his jeep. We couldn't always be at his grandparents' or dads' because there were times when we weren't alone.

When he got his own place while going to school I would visit him there so there was no need to worry about a parental figure interrupting us. Last night after we stopped to get soda at the convenient store, Adam said he wanted to take a drive. When we stopped at a red light and he leaned over, pulled my face towards his and kissed me passionatly I knew what he meant when he said,"Let's go for a drive." No sooner than that, his pants were unbuttoned and my head was between his legs while he was driving.

In that moment, I felt like I was 17 years old again, driving around because we had no other place to go to be alone. It took me back to the days when Adam and I first met and everything in our relationship was brand new. I had forgotten how much fun we had together even then. I forgot how much I missed those days even though they were so much different from how they are now. Since last night made me think of how things were five years ago when I first met Adam, I think that's why things are beginning to seem like summer to me. I guess summer means different things to different people.

missdahling at 9:21 pm