Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2005


When Adam picked me up from work last night he had Panther (our cat) with him. I came down the stairs from my job, stepped outside, looked in the car and saw him holding a small, black, ball of fur. "What the hell is she doing here?" I exclaimed somewhat surprised. He shrugged and replied,"She was sitting at the front door as I was about to leave so I picked her up and brought her along. He handed her to me and I scooped her up and into my lap. She was purring very loudly. During the car ride home she didn't stop purring. She was looking excitedly out the car windows and even stuck her head outside when we put the window down a tiny bit. The only time she meowed was when she escaped from my arms and into the back seat. So, I picked her up again and held her until we returned home. I was surprised at how much she liked the car ride. Our other cat, Monsieur Skins hates them with an absolute passion.

Adam decided to clean the downstairs of our house yesterday. Before I left for work in the afternoon we bought cleaning supplies at Wal Mart. He said,"When you come home from work everything will be nice and clean." Yeah right, I thought. In the past he's said that he would clean but didn't, so I wasn't really expecting too much. However, to my surprise, I walked in the front door to vacumed floors, sparkling counters, everything tidied up and all of the dishes were washed as well. Everything looked great, and smelled great. I could tell he had been spraying air freshner. I was very impressed. I told him that I would clean the upstairs since he did the downstairs. We cancelled our usual Tuesday night card game because Adam had a bad headache, plus neither one of us had any money. It figures that the one week our house is clean, we don't have people over. Oh well.

I have to cut entry short. Work is over.

missdahling at 9:16 pm