Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2005

Dime Balancing - A Profession

As I came to work today and sat down at my desk, I logged onto diaryland after clocking in and opening my work email. Once I was logged into diaryland I clicked on the entry I had typed and posted yesterday and quickly deleted it. It was just one of those entries where I was thinking irrationally. I was also in a bad mood, feeling sorry for myself and feeling very insecure about the way I look at the time. I hate when I get that way, however, it did help to type everything out. It made me feel better reading it over. It sort of helped put things into perspective when I saw it on a hard copy. With that, I realized how ridiculous I was being.

Last night after I met Adam at the bar for a couple of drinks, then we went to a friend's house and had each had a few more drinks. We smoked with our friend in his basement, cautiously, so that his son wouldn't come downstairs. It was funny because our friend smokes, and after meeting his son for the first time, I was able to make the assumption that he also smokes but they both hide it from each other. "If I knew that he smoked, I'd probably smoke with him, but I won't introduce it to him," our friend told us. Good parenting. That's probably how I'll be when I am a mother.

We all went upstairs after the bowl was beat and sat in the livingroom talking, laughing and listening to music. Our friend's son is just learning how to play the guitar so Adam showed him a few new things. I sat and listened to the guys jam out on the guitar for awhile as they played songs like 'TNT', 'Back in Black', a little Linkin Park here and there, Cat Stevens, and 'The Redemption Song'. While I was sitting there, I realized that I want to learn how to play the guitar. Now that I'm living on my own (with Adam of course) and have a full time job, I don't have many hobbies. Come to think of it, I don't think I have any hobbies at all. Tonight I'm going to ask Adam if he'll teach me how to play.

Both Adam and I left our friend's place and walked home to our own house. We smoked a little more with the tv on in the background. ::puff, puff:: We chatted nonchalantly as I watched Adam throw a dime up into the air, then catch with the opposite hand. Then he tried throwing it into the air and catching it on top of his head. One of the times he was successful. For a moment he kept it on his head for me to see. "Ah, sooo impressive,"I said sarcastically. I turned my attention back to the tv until there was a commercial break. When I looked over at Adam again he still he had that damn dime on his head.

"I have a new job!" he announced triumphantly. I looked at him skeptically and inquired,"Oh? And what's the new job?" "Well, he started, when people need someone to balance a dime on top of their head they call me and I do it. $60.00 an hour." Why on earth would someone need a person to balance a dime on their head? When I asked that question he ignored me and just kept saying,"When they need someone to do it, they call me....pretend you need someone to do this..." He then started a pretend telephone conversation with me.

::Ring! Ring! Ring!::

Adam - "Hello? This is Adam. Can I help you?"

Me - "Hi. What's up?"

Adam - "Nothing. How may I help you?"

Me - "Weeelll...."

Adam - "Can I help you? Do you need a dime balanced?"

Me - "Why would I need you to balance a dime on your head?"

Adam - "Do you need the service or not?"

Me - "Can I speak with your supervisor please? You're not answering my question."

Adam - "I'm self employed. I'm my own supervisor."

Me - "Okay, then you can answer my question. Once again, why would I need you to balance a dime on your head?"

Adam - "I'm calling the cops. This is harrassment."

Me - "Fuck you buddy!!!" ::hangs up pretend phone::

Adam - "Hello??? hello??? heeelllo???"

We both laughed so hard after that. I'm surprised, but glad that I even remember that today. I usually tend to forget drunken/stoned ridiculous conversations like that in the morning.

missdahling at 5:20 pm