Friday, Jul. 15, 2005

The Birthday Gifts

As quickly as I could, I lifted the huge, heavy, cardboard box into my livingroom. I didn't have that much time because Adam got off work early. I went to the store, picked out some bright wrapping paper, then sped to the bar where Adam was working. At the bar, I picked up money that I then brought to our friend Nate. After I dropped Nate off at a friend's house, I went back home to start wrapping the gifts.

I searched for scotch tape hoping that I didn't have to go back to the store to buy some. Luckily I found a roll that I had tucked away in the back of my closet when we first moved into our apartment. When I went back downstairs into the kitchen to get a pair of scissors out of the drawer, I saw that the front burner of my stove was on, piping hot. The damn cats must have gotten up there and knocked it on with their paw or something. It happened once before too. Anyway, I gathered the presents, and wrapped each one individually. The poker tabletop was the most difficult one to wrap. Not only was it big, but it was very heavy as well. The other gifts were simple to wrap; not as bulky and awkward.

The presents were left on the livingroom floor while I left to pick Adam up from work. I was a little upset when he got off work and wanted to stop by to visit his dad and have a beer, only because I was so excited for him to open his gifts. We only stayed for two drinks so we weren't there long at all. His dad was tending bar and had a pretty good crowd in there for a Thursday night. Normally during the week he only has a few people in there at a time. He can usually close early too but I had a feeling he would be staying last night.

When we arrived at home, first we smoked, then went downstairs so Adam could open up his presents. He sat across from me at the kitchen table. The small gifts were in a pile beside him and the large gift was propped up against the refrigerator. "What order should I open them?" he asked. I told him to just take one off the pile and go from there. The first gift he opened was the deck of playing cards. He smiled when he tore back the wrapping paper and said,"We needed these too." Our cards always get sticky and gross because our kitchen table sweats so badly so I decided to get two decks of Bicycle Cards. As soon as he could tell what the next gift was after opening a small section of paper, he sort of laughed because he could tell there was somewhat of a poker theme. "We needed more chips! Now we can play bigger games with people,"he said. So far, so good. He told me later on that night that he could hardly believe his eyes when he opened the next present because he didn't know Sopranos Season 5 was out on DVD yet. "I can finally find out what happens?! Can we watch some of these tonight?!" he exclaimed excitedly. I smiled and said sure. I knew he would really like that one. We talked for a few moments as he took the DVD's out of the plastic and opened the box to see the actual discs inside. He glanced over at the last present waiting to be opened and asked,"Now am I allowed to open that one?" Of course! He walked over to the gift, picked it up with two hands and said curiously,"What the hell is this....I have a guess but I'm not sure....." When he unwrapped it and looked at the picture on the box of the poker tabletop, his eyes got big and he told me what a great present it was and how much he loved it. One of his friends has a tabletop but he assured me that the one I got was much nicer. We took it out of the box and put it on top of our kitchen table. It is nice, and it will be put to good use. Again, he told me how much he liked it and what great presents I picked out for him. I confessed that I really had no idea what to get him. I'm just so glad he likes everything so much.

Anxious to use the tabletop, we had Cheryl up and played a game of Texas Hold'em just for fun. Him and I were going to play by ourselves, but Adam wanted to play with at least one other person. It was already past 1am so it was hard finding anyone else at that time of night. Before we started the game, Cheryl said,"Watch me win this since we aren't playing for money." She did win too. She was also teasing Adam, saying,"Wait 'til I tell people that Jenn got you this nice, new tabletop and the first time you use it, you're the first one out!" He was like,"Well, I thought you guys would let me win!" I said jokingly,"We would have but it's not your birthday anymore since it's past midnight." lol.

After we took Cheryl back to her house, we put in an episode of Sopranos but I fell asleep not long after it started. I slept really good too. No bad dreams that I can remember. I've been having so many of those lately. The other night I dreamt that I was with a bunch of people and we crashed into a barn. In my dream, I yelled,"Everyone! Just hold on and we'll all be okay!" I don't think anyone was hurt because then, I was in my boss' yard (It didn't look like his yard in real life), trying to get inside of the house to get away from brown bears that were causing damage by his pool. Take note that I had this dream on Monday or Tuesday night. In the episode of Sopranos that we watched last night, there was a black bear that kept lurking around Carmella and Tony's house. It was just a really weird coincidence I guess. A friend of mine said that his aunt got him a dream interpretting book for Christmas because his dreams are always fucked up. I'd like to take a look at the book just for fun. However, it might freak me out a bit.

This afternoon before work, right as we were walking out the door, Adam told me that something came in the mail for me. It was his other gift; the poker chip lighters! He loved them and thought they were great. He got two and I actually ordered one for myself as well. He told me he never saw anything like those before and couldn't wait to show people at work because everyone would love them.

I'm afraid this weekend is going to be boring. I work tomorrow morning into the early afternoon, Adam works tomorrow night and Sunday night too. It sucks because there aren't that many weekend left in the summer. Too much to do and too much that I still want to do, yet not enough time....

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