Monday, Jul. 18, 2005

50th Anniversary Party

Yesterday afternoon Adam and I went to his grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary party. The actual date of their anniversary isn't until next month, but they wanted to have it early because of his aunt and cousins from California are visiting until Saturday. It was held at a restaurant in town. We got there about fifteen minutes before his grandparents arrived. They walked in and saw all of their family and friends gathered around the many tables that were set up. Everyone yelled,"Surprise!" They had smiles on their faces and his grandmother even started to cry. His grandfather goes,"I knew some sneaky shit was going on!"

They had old pictures of them set out on a table and even had one of those cakes with their picture on it. Some of the photos were hilarious; especially the old black and white ones of them when they were first dating. They looked so different back then from how they look now. There was one picture of his grandmother and a man who noone knew. When Adam's Aunt Lisa asked her who it was, she stared at it for a few minutes, then replied with a smirk and a simple,"I don't know." she could tell us who it was anyway. That picture obviously wasn't supposed to be put out on the table with the others. There was another of her sitting on a horse. On the back, someone had written,"Big Ass Pat (Adam's grandmother)." Adam and I both chuckled at that. His grandfather looked a lot like Adam's dad in his younger years and even more so like Adam's cousin. I couldn't believe the resemblence.

Everyone was and friends they hadn't seen in quite awhile. It must have felt great to know that everyone cared so much about them to come to their surprise party. His grandfather sat and talked to old friends and ate. The look on his grandmother's face was utter happiness. She was in her glory which is how it should be of course; it was her day completely. She cried when she first walked in and cried even more when Adam's Aunt gave a toast. She then went over to her husband and gave him a kiss. Then she kissed him again, and again, and again. Adam commented,"I don't think I've ever seen them kiss before!" He walked over to his grandmother and joked,"Jack (His grandfather) just might get lucky tonight, huh?!" She laughed, shook her head and said,"No, no...yeah right!" They were just too cute. I was so happy for them.

An older woman came up to Adam, said hello and then said,"You don't know who I am, do you?" He stared at her blankly until she said,"I'm *******'s know, *******, your 'friend'. She said she tried calling you a few times, but she never heard back from you." He replied with,"No, I haven't talked to her in a few years." She was like,"Well, I'm glad I talked to you because I know ******* would ask me." I knew who she was and I know who ******* is. She is this complete bitch who I went to high school with. A snobby, little bitch who always thought she was better than everyone else. There was no point in even trying to be nice to her because if you didn't meet her approval, she would stick her pig-like nose up in the air and walk away. Once, at a party Adam threw at his old apartment, my friend and I were drunk and tried talking to her and she just looked at us like we were total morons. We started calling her bitch-from-my-high-school-#2. I cannot believe Adam and her used to hook up. I know it was in the past but sometimes I can't help but be jealous. I hate the thought of him with someone else. Maybe it was immature but as we were leaving, when we walked past her and were standing at the next table over from *******'s grandma saying goodbye to people, I made sure to take his hand and clasp it securely in mine. So when ******* asks her grandmother about him, she can tell her about me too.

Ok, now I am through with being a jealous girlfriend. That night, after taking Adam to work, I hung out with the girls. Liz, Shari and I were trying to think of something to do but there was really nothing going on. We thought about going to the Male Revue but neither of us had the money to get in the door let alone tip the guys. Nicole (my old roommate) called Liz crying because Matt tried to break up with her (again), so she came over too. We all hung out on Liz's front porch talking. It was a little awkward. I didn't know what to say to Nicole. I like her and I like Matt too. But I do not like them together. They aren't compatible. He has tried many, many times to kick her out but she continues to stay. She just doesn't take no for an answer. But then again, he is nice to her sometimes. He leaves cute little notes around the house for her and is always texting her saying how he loves her. Giving her mixed signals probably confuses her, thus is why she continues not to leave when he tells her to. We managed to cheer her up a lot though. Hanging out with us instead of being alone probably helped a great deal by itself. It always does for me anyway.

Hearing about their fight made me appreciate my relationship with Adam a lot more. We went home after he got off work and had a very passionate night. I had the kind of sex you see in pornos and it was wonderful. It was a nice way to end the weekend and a great way to start the week.

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