Monday, Aug. 01, 2005

long Weekend

I could just cry when I think about my unpaid bills. I know that I don't have as many as some people, but I have enough. My car insurance is due, my car payment is due, my loan for my car is due, and rent is due. In addition to those charges, I always have credit cards to pay off, plus my monthly cell phone bill that I keep neglecting. This Friday I can make payments on most of those, but one or two of them will be late. I know that the bills will never stop completely, but when will I be able to get caught up?! I hate always having to worry about my finances.

If Adam gets this other job that he wants, our money situation will be a lot better. Not that I'd actually make him pay for everything, but he would be able to with the money he would be making. We discussed that aspect of it once before. If I wanted to get a part time job and go back to school, he would be willing to pay the rent and help me out if I needed money. At the time I didn't say much about it, but I have been thinking about it a lot. I think I've mentioned before that the place wouldn't be hiring anyone until the end of the summer when the college students go back to school. However, Adam has some really good hookups who have already told him that he would most likely be able to get in. I hope he can get this job not only because he really wants it, but because this could be the start at changing our life.

Imagine the possibilities if we were to carry out this plan. We could pay off our debts while I was going to school. Since I am over the age of 21 and live on my own, I could probably get a sufficient amount financial aid. During school I might be able to go for a very minimal amount of money then pay off the loans after I graduate and (hopefully) get a better paying job. I could trade in the car I drive now and get something not as new and expensive where the monthly payments are a little cheaper and it would be paid off faster. After I graduated from school, we would hopefully have enough money saved that we could move away. Finding a job would be easier too since I'd have a degree in... something. I don't know what yet. Maybe something in the fashion industry. Yes, life would be good. But even the best laid plans go awry so I'm not getting my hopes up just yet; just thinking about things.

Megan came home from college on Thursday, then partied with her friends in State College that night. She got home from State College on Friday afternoon, then my family and I went out to dinner at a really nice restaurant to celebrate her birthday since she didn't get to come home for it at the beginning of July. We all sat around the table sharing drinks and appetizers while laughing at the some of the stories that were being told. Megan shared some of her college experiences and my parents and eight year old sister told us all about their vacation to the beach. And me, I talked about work, Adam, and my friends. I tried not to fill up on appetizers so that I wouldn't be too full to eat the main course.

After we had eaten our haddock and steaks and whatever else everyone ordered for their meal, the waitress asked if we wanted dessert. Now, second only to the drink menu, the dessert menu is what I look at immediately when I go into a restaurant. My stomach felt really full, but I just had to get dessert anyway. The whipped cream and icecream orea cookie thing looked too good to pass up. So I ordered that to split with my mom, my dad got some banana ice cream thing to split with my dad and Madison just got a sundae. When our waitress came back with our desserts a few other waitresses came with her and started singing happy birthday to Megan. At the end of the song they took her picture with a polaroid and put it in a cute frame for her to take with her. She also got her own dessert; a huge glass bowl filled with ice cream and cake with a candle on top for her to blow out. I hope what she wished for came true.

After we left the restaurant I went back to my parents' house and visited for a little while. When I decided to leave Megan said she needed a ride to one of her friend's jobs so I told her I'd take her. As soon as I got to my car I saw that I had locked not only my set of keys, but Adam's set of keys as well, in the god damn car! There was no way of even prying the windows open either because they're automatic. The cops wouldn't have came because my parents live outside of town. I was pissed but blew it off, telling myself it wasn't a big deal, that I'd just take care of it in the morning.

Shortly after Megan dropped me off at my house, Adam called. I explained to him that I locked both sets of keys in my car which was sitting at my parents' house. He said it wouldn't be a problem getting a ride home from where he was at, but he needed his keys to get into work the next morning. He said,"How the fuck do you lock both sets of keys in the car?" Hello! I usually lock my doors immediately after I get out of my car. In the country, where my parents live, it isn't necessary to lock car doors. It's just really safe where they live. I thought he was being an ass so I hung up on him. He called back and told me that I should apologize. Now I was upset. We exchanged words, then I hung up on him again, not really expecting to see him that night.

Since I didn't have my car, I had to walk to the conveniant store to buy cigarettes. Asshole guys kept trying to spit their game at me as I walked across the parking lot and into the store. I walked to two conveniant stores and neither one of them could sell me cigarettes because they didn't take checks. It sucks not having any cash or a debit card. I have to rely on checks and credit cards. So here we go again, I had to walk home, trying to ignore catcalls from various boys who were traveling from one bar to the next. I felt really alone at that moment. I wished I were out with my friends getting drunk like everyone else I was seeing.

Finally Adam got home. We both apologized to one another. He explained that he had just been thinking outloud, not being rude when he made that comment. He called his boss after he had talked to me and made arrangements to use another set of keys to get in the building. Everything worked out.

The next morning I called my car dealership and asked what I should do about my situation. Their maintenance department wasn't in that day, so they gave me some code and told me to call another dealership in the area and they could make me a key. It's a good thing someone could help me out.

In the afternoon Megan and I went shopping. I know, I complain about money issues, then go shopping. Ugh, I disgust myself sometimes. We bought makeup, scented nail polish remover, and this really fun bath scrub that smells like chocolate. I needed a new pair of jeans and they had my size at American Eagle. I have the worst time finding jeans that I like and that fit well. Whenever I find a pair, I buy them, no matter what the price is. Sometimes I even get multiple pairs. It's just so rare for me to find a good pair of jeans. After about two years, I finally bought a new wallet. It was on sale and so cute. It's brown and leather. Oh yeah, I got the matching purse too. I was really pleased to find a cute purse. Lately I haven't been seeing any that I liked.

After shopping, Megan and I went to visit my grandmother. She lives in an assisted living home. It isn't quite the same as a nursing home, the difference being that these patients where my grandmother lives can care for themselves, whereas in a nursing home, a lot of those people can't. She is there because in case something would happen to her, there would be someone there to help her. They also provide dinner so that she doesn't have to cook herself. When the patients there get so bad that they cannot function correctly, then they have to go to an actual nursing home.
One of my grandma's friends was already there when Megan and I arrived. We sat and talked with them about what was new in our lives, what was new with them, and we talked about old times too. Times from when I was just a baby and when Megan wasn't even born yet. It was funny hearing about some of those things. We didn't stay too long because Megan and I both needed to get home.

Adam and I went out for awhile that night after we relaxed. Neither one of us got much sleep the night before so we passed right out when we got home.

Morning seemed to come too quickly. I got up though because I don't like wasting my afternoons. Unlike last week, where I did great playing cards, I did horrible yesterday. Either I'd get good cards, and then had nothing to match it when the flop came out, or I'd have shitty cards to start with, then throw them away because I thought they weren't any good. In that case, when the flop came out I would have something that would win and be cursing to myself, saying,"Why the fuck didn't I play those cards?!" I just couldn't win yesterday. But, again, I made it further in the game than Adam did and I also made it to the final table. That puts me ahead of Adam in points for the entire tournament.

Betsy and Floyd invited us to their house to play cards after we left the bar. Before we left the bar, Adam asked two of his friends if they wanted to go with us to Betsy and Floyd's, but smoke beforehand. I had no problem with Adam asking them if they wanted to come with us but I didn't really want anyone at our house. The place is a complete mess and I am embarrassed for people to see it. Anyway, we smoked, then headed out to play more cards.

As soon as we all got in the car, Adam went back to the house because I forgot my cell phone. When he came back to the car, he announced that he had locked us out of the house. God, locked out of my car the night before, then locked out of my house the next day!?

I tried to forget about the situation but Adam was still stewing over it. He called the landlord when we got to Floyd and Betsy's but he wouldn't be around until the middle of the week. So, next, we decide to try a locksmith. No answer from them. They must not be in on Sunday nights even though I thought they did emergency house calls. Whatever.

Like last week, we had a good time at Floyd and Betsy's. This time we grilled out and had cheeseburgers and hotdogs. We drank beer and played cards. Again, I did horrible. I was one of the first people out. Adam and one of the other guys who came with us were out shortly after me. The second guy who came with us was doing really well. It could have taken awhile for him to finish, so Adam, Sam and I left and the other guy was going to get a ride with someone else.

We stopped by our place to see if we could key open the door somehow with our driver's license. Adam used to do this all the time when he lived at school when he was locked out. Our door must have been different than his old one because it just didn't work. Luckily Adam's grandparents were nice enough to allow us to sleep at their house for the night. It was kind of nice having a sleepover there because we got to watch tv since we don't have cable at our house and they do. We stayed up until early in the morning, then I finally fell asleep.

I barely heard Adam leave for work at 6 am, I was sleeping so soundly. When I woke up I had breakfast, watched tv with Patty and Jack for a bit, then met the locksmith at my house. After he got the door open, I took a nap until it was time for work. All in all, my weekend was good, but it somehow seemed really long. Hopefully my week will seem shorter.

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