Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008


My weekend was good. On Saturday night Adam and I actually got out of the house. We met Brandon and his son for dinner then walked around the mall.

Olivia was a pistol at dinner. While Brandon's son sat there eating nicely and quietly, she was throwing her food on the floor, throwing crayons on the floor and spilling the milk we got her. She made Brandon's son laugh by taking the little cup the crayons were kept in and putting in up against her eye like she was looking through a spectacle or something. oh my...

Then, she wanted to run around the mall. And she did for awhile then was content to let us push her around in her stroller. I suspect this is only because she was getting tired. She was so much more rambunctious than Brandon's son maybe because he doesn't walk yet. I didn't say anything; Brandon brought it up; he thinks that Ashton doesn't walk yet because the mother doesn't encourage him to do so. He is with mom all week and with Brandon only on weekends. Maybe he just isn't ready, I said.

At Kaybee Toys I bought Olivia another toy for Christmas. It is the Fisher Price airplane. Over the past few weeks, we have been buying her things little by little when we have the money and when we see something we think she will like. It is easier than buying everything at once.

So far, we have bought her the airplane, Fisher Price barnyard bowling set, a little kids Dirt Devil broom and dustpan (she tries using ours but it is too big for her; obviosly), the movie Ice Age 2 since she can't get enough of the first one, and a Dora the Explorer fold out couch that Adam wanted to give her as soon as we got home. I shot that idea down though. For her stocking, I just bought playdough, an 8 pack of socks, bowls with suction cups on the bottom, forks and spoons, two sippy cups, some cups with straws and a pack of hair rubberbands. I am finished buying for her stocking and am almost finished buying completely. We want to get her a ball pit and a baby doll. She is still at that age where you don't have to go all out. Plus, I have an idea of all the things the grandparents are buying which brings me to another thing....

Adam's mother wants to buy her everything under the sun. I was mentioning some of the things we bought her and a few ideas we had for gifts. After everything I said, she would reply,"Yeah, I was gonna get her that." *sigh* Maybe I am just easily annoyed these days because of my pregnancy. I don't know.

It seems like all I do is go to the doctor's office lately. I can hardly keep track. On Monday Olivia had an appt. to check on a small lump that was on her rib. A little over a month ago she had an x-ray and was referred to another dr. who specializes in things like that. So we went for another x-ray and they compared the two. Nothing has changed really. I overheard the dr.'s talking in the hallway saying that if anything, it looks better. We go back in 6 weeks for another x-ray so they can compare again and make sure nothing else changes. If not, we can let it go. The dr. told us he didn't think it was anything to worry about and small bumps are actually common on ribs. Plus, Adam's side of the family has a history of calcium deposits in their bones.

Today I had my appt. for my first- trimester health screening. They drew blood and I had an ultrasound. From the ultrasound everything looks good. I am 13 weeks pregnant. yay!

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