Wednesday, Nov. 05, 2008

1st ultrasound

Halloween was good. I worked all day until 6 o'clock so Adam got Olivia dressed in her Winnie the Pooh costume and brought her into my work, then to his cousin's house. After I got off work he met me at my parents' house so they could see her. Next year we will take her more places but that was enough. She was getting warm in her costume. She looked too cute. She should have ... I paid enough for her costume... Ugh.

I had my ultrasound appointment today and in spite of having Olivia with us and her acting up and wanting to run around, things went well. I am three months and one day pregnant which makes my due date May 19th.

It was the absolute coolest thing seeing the baby and hearing its heartbeat. Its heart rate was 163 which the nurse said was good. The baby was moving all around. In one of the pictures it had its little hand up like it was waving. One the bottom of the ultrasound picture the nurse typed,"Hi mom and dad".

I go back next week for some kind of health screening to check for things like down syndrom and other birth defects. They were going to do it today but I asked if I could come another time since we had Olivia along. All in all, she was good. Just getting bored, not wanting to sit still. Just being a typical 16 month old. Can you believe she is 16 months old! It doesn't seem possible.

I am excited to be pregnant since I didn't get to enjoy pregnancy with Olivia. I am excited for my ultrasound pictures, to get a nursery ready, etc.

Adam and I cannot agree on any names for the new baby. When Olivia was born I chose her first name and he chose her middle name (Taylor) and we both loved each name. Now, every name that I suggest he shoots down and every name that he suggests I shoot down. Since we are pretty sure it will be another girl we are concentrating on girl names. He likes Ava, I do not. I like Kennedy, he says it is just okay and that he could deal with it. A name that we did agree on was Audrey Grace. It is old fashioned, but I think it's pretty. We will see ... we have until May to decide.

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