Wednesday, May. 07, 2008


In one of my last entries I mentioned that my friend Ana, her fiance Jeremy and their baby Gabriel were moving home from Florida. Well, they got back to Pennsylvania last week (I think Thursday) safe and sound. I called Ana last night to see what she was up to today. She had some things to do this morning but said we could go for lunch or something. We invited Liz to go along too.

Liz, Ana and Gabriel came over here for about an hour this morning before lunch so that the babies could meet. It was sooo cute. Olivia kept trying to go up to Gabriel and he would slowly back up and sort of crouch down. He wasn't quite sure what to make of her. Ana told me that he isn't really used to being around other babies like Olivia is.

They did play with some toys in the livingroom for a bit. Olivia was sharing nicely which surprised me because when Brandon and Ashton were here she was very jealous that another baby was in her house. She showed Gabriel one of her musical toys and they danced. Like most babies, they love music.

We were trying to figure out where to eat and Ana suggested a local pizza place. They have the best subs and she was hungry for one since she had been in Florida for the past few years. She said that the subs are different down south. Not as good.

Gabe and Olivia sat side by side in high chairs while we were at the restuarant. I fed Olivia lunch; apples and bananas baby food, then they both snacked on Gerber Apple and Cinnamon puffs and Gerber dried strawberries and bananas. Olivia tried to feed Gabriel a puff. Her hand was streched out to his face and his mouth was wide open. She does that to Adam and I too sometimes.

They were both yelling too. Olivia would yell, then Gabe would let out a yell. At one point, they yelled in unison and it was very loud. I am not sure who started it though. It was like they were in competition or something.

Towards the end of the meal Olivia wanted out of the high chair and Gabriel was getting fussy too. He threw a mini tantrum while we were waiting in line to pay the bill. He threw himself on the floor and struggled when Ana took his hand to pick him up. He then ran for the rack of potato chips and screamed when Ana went to get him. He was getting tired; it was his naptime. "Just wait until Olivia starts doing this!" Ana said. I can hardly wait. Riiight...

We all headed our separate ways after that. Ana was going to her mom's house for the afternoon and Liz was going home to do some school work so Olivia and went home too.

The weather was so nice today. It was very warm and very sunny so I took Olivia for a walk. She drank her juice while I pushed her in the stroller. She ended up falling asleep so I walked home and put her down for a nap. I was able to get a few things done before she woke up but there is still a lot to do around here and tomorrow I won't get to it because I work all day. It will have to wait until the weekend I guess.

missdahling at 6:42 pm