Thursday, Jun. 05, 2008


I've been busy, but good.

Saturday Adam had a company picnic at a local amusement park so we took Olivia and our dog, Chanel. Believe it or not, Chanel got more attention than Olivia did. Everyone was coming up to us asking if they could pet the dog. She always was an attention whore.

I took Olivia on a few rides while Adam sat with Chanel. Adam and both went on a roller coaster by ourselves of course. It was fun but not as fun as it would have been if I had had someone to ride with. One of these days we need to get a babysitter so Adam and I can go on rides together.

We ate then decided to head out. Chanel was getting tired and Olivia was getting antsy. She didn't want to be in her stroller anymore.

That night we went for Mexican food with Brandon.

On Sunday Adam played cards while I went to a birthday party for our friend's little boy. He turned two and is so cute. Everyone fussed over Olivia there. She got held by a lot of people.

Someone even dressed up as Elmo and all the kids got a picture with him. It was cute but Olivia was scared of him. She would look at him and smile while I was holding her but when Elmo went to hold her she whimpered a little so I didn't push the issue. One little girl said,"Elmo! We watch you on tv!!" haha.

We stayed at the party for about two hours then had to go to my friend Nicole's baby shower. She is due next month.

I bought Nicole a bunch of random things; five onesies, two dressing gowns, diapers, wipes, a bottle brush, medicine dropper, desitin, an aspirator, one of those containers to hold formula, nail clippers, baby laundry detergent and a few other odds and ends. Most of which I would have no idea what they were if I didn't have a kid of my own.

The shower was nice. Liz and Shari did a good job of setting everything up and getting things organized but it was hard to visit because I was chasing Olivia around. We sat on Nicole's back porch which only had a fence halfway around it. The other parts were open with two steps going down into her backyard. I didn't want Olivia to fall so I had to follow her as she was crawling around.

My friend Ana was there with her sixteen month old so Olivia and Gabriel played a little. She was having the same problem with him so I was glad not to be the only one. They were both going under the table and getting into things.

It is different hanging out with people who have children versus people who don't. Granted, my friends who don't have kids love kids, especially mine. It's just little things, like not making sure the door is latched tightly so Olivia and Gabriel couldn't get outside while we were inside and leaving things lie around that they shouldn't be getting into.

My friends without kids probably don't understand that all of my attention cannot be focused on them, most of the time it has to be on Olivia. They have never said anything, but I know because I used to be them.

Lately, I have wanted to hang out more with my friends who are moms or Brandon, who is a dad. It seems like I am in such a different place than some of the people I used to hang out with. They are always talking about going out to the bars and I have been there, done that. Don't get me wrong, I like going out once in awhile too, but not so much really. It is not the same. I'd rather spend time with my family.

Last night Adam and I talked about something important which I will write about in another entry. Right now, I am going to relax a little before bed. I have work tomorrow.

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