Monday, May. 05, 2008


It was cloudy on Saturday but the temperature wasn't too cold. The rain held off in the afternoon, long enough for us to go to the fair that they have downtown every year. A few weeks ago I had mentioned to Adam that I wanted to go because my work had a pizza stand and wanted everyone to see Olivia. He agreed to go .. it was nice to get out of the house.

We had some good food; hot sausage sandwiches, pizza, and funnel cakes. Adam and I both figured that we would see a lot of people who we knew and we were right. We hadn't even been there five minutes when we ran into Adam's dad and his girlfriend while we were talking to Vanessa and some other people from my work.

I never noticed it before I had Olivia, but a lot of people have kids. There were lots of people meneuvering strollers around. We stopped and talked to our friend Sam and his girlfriend and their two kids for awhile. We hadn't seen them in ages. It was the first time they met Olivia and it was our first time meeting their second child. I couldn't believe how much their first kid looked like his dad and how big he had gotten. The last time I saw him he was an infant. They grow so fast.

While I was standing in line to get a funnel cake I saw an old coworker of mine from when I used to work for the internet service provider. His kids have gotten big too. They got so tall. They are in school now and when I saw them last they hadn't been. Surprisingly they still remembered me. Chad didn't get to meet Olivia though because Adam was off chatting with some other people.

When I had come back from getting my funnel cake Adam said that a pitbull came up and started licking Olivia. He said to the dog's owner,"Hey, keep your dog back." The owner got defensive and said,"Kids have been petting him all day and we have kids at home." Adam replied angrily,"You should ask the parents first. You don't just let your dog go up to a ten month old!" Other words were exchanged and it got Adam a little fired up.

I think Adam handled the situation appropriatly. You can never be too careful with strange dogs. Yes, the dog was friendly, but how would someone know that? We were going to bring our own dog but didn't because we knew she would walk up to everyone and expect attention. We realize that not everyone is a dog lover and even though our dog is the nicest dog ever, some people are leary of her just because of her breed.

Our friend Steve was Olivia's best friend after he fed her some of my funnel cake. After that, she would not stop smiling at him and he loved her for that. It was really cute.

That night we went to my mom and dad's for dinner. They made chicken enchiladas which were excellent. I need the recipe. I gave Olivia her bath there, we hung out for awhile, then headed home.

Sunday was the usual ... cards.

Today I didn't do much. Caught up on laundry ... Played with Olivia, etc. I got bored so I went to my parents' house. I got home about an hour ago. I've been trying to get ahold of Adam but his phone is turned off. He probably left it in his truck to charge, went to his hotel room and fell asleep. I hope he isn't away all week again. It makes for a very long week for all of us when that happens.

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