Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2008

From Saturday - Today

The weather was beautiful this past weekend. Before I went to work on Saturday morning, Adam put the top down on the jeep. It was still a little chilly, but by the time I got out of work at noon, the temperature was up to the upper seventies - low eighties. I felt like I was cool or something driving around like that.

That afternoon we went to the marina to walk around. We even took Chanel. It would have been easier to take the car, but it was seriously jeep weather so we drove that. In order for us all to fit inside, we had to put Olivia's stroller up front in the passenger seat and I rode in the back with the baby and the dog.

While riding there, Olivia kept looking at me like,"What the hell are you doing in the back with me..." I haven't rode in the back with her since she was a newborn. Chanel enjoyed the ride except when we got to the marina she tried to jump out of the jeep as we were parking. People were looking at us because I was yelling at her. It was kind of funny even though I was slightly irritated with her.

We walked around for a good hour and a half. We walked down by the water and around the little paths they have set up. Adam and I saw a friend of ours who had his little dalmation puppy with him. The dalmation was afraid of Chanel. Chanel tried to go over to him but the dalmation cowered and walked away. My dog looks intimidating but actually, she is the friendliest dog ever.

Olivia loves being outdoors. The entire time we were at the marina she was looking around, taking everything in. We passed by another baby in a stroller and they made eye contact. It was really cute.

We decided it was time to leave when we figured that Chanel had had enough. Although we stopped about five times to give her a drink of water and let her rest, she was still beat. She was panting badly and breathing funny. Bulldogs can't take the heat at all. They are generally lazy dogs.

Adam suggested that we get some icecream after that so we did so but dropped Chanel off at home first. Since Adam's aunt lives across the street from an icecream joint we stopped by and visited for a bit. Olivia had a bottle which put her right to sleep. She napped on the floor for about thirty minutes before we woke her up to go home. It was already going on six o'clock.

The rest of the night we relaxed. I know that we were in bed fairly early. I don't remember what time though.

Sunday was the card game which I am getting bored with. I haven't cashed in weeks and neither has Adam. I am just not as excited about it as I was before. There are only about five weeks left in the tournament and I will be kind of glad once it's over. I'm burnt out and just need a break from it. Of course once it is actually over with I will wish we were still playing.

Monday was a lazy day. Adam took off work because his back was killing him. He hurt it last Wednesday at work and it has been really bothering him ever since. It was kind of stupid for him to have not told work that he hurt it while he was delivering. He just said that he was in a lot of pain and they didn't ask why.

The three of us went out for lunch to Pizza Hut just to get out of the house a little. Adam's aunt was working so she got to see Olivia. She loves babies.

Adam did go back to work yesterday. his back was a little better but still hurt. He took it easy and was able to get through the day.

Around noon I went to Adam's grandmother's (mom-o is what she is known as to Olivia). Adam's mom and other grandmother met me there as well as Adam'a aunt, cousin and her son, Ben. Adam's mom made sandwiches for lunch so I ate there and fed Olivia some baby food and yogurt.

I wished I could have stayed longer but I had to take Olivia to the doctor's for a checkup. She weighs 21.5 pounds and is 30 and 1/4 inches long. Her weight is about the same as it had been the last time she was there but she's grown about 3 - 4 inches. The doctor said she is becoming well proportioned. She's losing her chubbiness. Such a big girl! Her next appointment is on July 1st. She will be a year and five days old then. The doctor said that then, we will switch her from formula to whole milk. YAY! I am seriously excited about that.

Today I worked from 8 - 3. Adam is stuck overnight so I went to my parents' house for dinner. I got home awhile ago, put Olivia to bed and am finally relaxing. I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday already. This week is going by fast.

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