Sunday, Apr. 13, 2008

chinese buffet

Adam and I had plans to meet Brandon and his son for dinner last night. We were running fifteen minutes late but they were running even later.

We called when we arrived at the restaurant and didn't see Brandon's car in the parking lot. There was no answer so we called again. Again, no answer. When he didn't answer the fifth time we thought we had been stood up. He called back around seven (our plans were to meet at 6:30) saying he was on his way.

Brandon explained why he was late. Ashton had peed on the floor while Brandon was trying to change his diaper so he had to clean up the mess before he left the house.

Olivia did the same thing one time. She squirms around when you try to change her. She crawls away. She cries when you put her on her back again. Changing a diaper can take me as long as twenty minutes sometimes. It's a difficult task at this age so I understood why it took so long for Brandon to meet us.

Good call on the dinner though. We went to the chinese buffet. I spent half of my meal picking up toys off the floor that Olivia and Ashton had thrown. Then Adam took over that task. Then Brandon did in between giving the babies little tastes of pudding and icecream and jello, etc. They ate well too. haha

Ashton and Olivia were good babies last night. They loved all the attention they were getting from other people in the restaurant and the waitresses. They say in their high chairs the entire time but were getting fussy towards the end. We can take a hint though. It was time to go home.

I had a good weekend. I hope this week is better than last as far as Adam's job goes. Hopefully I get to see him more this week.

missdahling at 9:33 pm