Saturday, Apr. 12, 2008


My cousin, Cathy is home for a few days, visiting from Kansas. She doesn't get to come home to visit much, even over the holidays so it was special to see her.

The last time I saw Cathy was a year and a half ago at my uncle's wedding. I had just gotten pregnant and not known it yet. Cathy said to me,"I bought you a beer and you were pregnant!" I hadn't thought about that but I guess she was right.

Cathy loved the baby and was excited to meet her. Olivia was fussy because she hadn't had a nap but her mood brightened as the afternoon went on.

My aunt Nancy was also there and thought that Olivia's hair looked soo cute. It did too.

It is now long enough to put the top half of it up in pigtails. I am letting her bangs grow out rather than getting them cut every three weeks or so.

Even though everyone thinks her hair looks adorable, someday Olivia will probably look at pictures of herself and say,"Mom! Why did you do that to my hair?!" She'll probably think it looks dorky or something.

Whenever we ask Olivia a question, her response lately has been to shake her head no. Everyone at my mom's house got to witness it when I asked Olivia if I could have a hug. They laughed of course.

Adam and I were trying to figure out where she picked that up from. We came to the conclusion that she must have learned to shake her head 'no' like that from other children at daycare or something because she didn't learn it from us. Isn't it funny how quickly they learn how to say no.

Anyway, we visited for awhile then came back home. Adam is out washing and cleaning out the jeep and Olivia is taking a nap. The house is quiet for the time being.

missdahling at 4:12 pm