Wednesday, Mar. 26, 2008

1st Easter

Since Easter was on Sunday our card game was held on Saturday instead. Neither Adam or I did very well so we left as soon as we each got knocked out. Afterwards we went to my mom's house where Olivia was being babysat.

We had Easter dinner with my family that night which worked out a lot better for Adam and I. Holidays are usually so busy for us. Normally, we end up eating two or three meals per day, only spending an hour at each family members house because we feel so rushed to get to our next destination. This way, we got to relax and breath a little.

By the way, Olivia looked really cute. Adam dressed her that morning while I was at work. He put her in a pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt and matching Ralph Lauren leggings. It is one of the outfits we got her last Wednesday. The entire outfit only cost $15.00. It was on clearance. I would have never payed the original price though.

Surprisingly enough, she didn't even get her outfit messy throughout the day. She stayed clean up until the time I gave her a bath. I bathed her at my parents' house because before I knew it, it was already 7:30. My mom has everything Olivia needs at her house so I don't ever need to pack much for her.

For Easter my parents bought Olivia a few cute outfits, bubbles and a really adorable bathing suit for this summer. It is pink and green and has a fish on it. Adam's dad and my parents both have pools and Adam and I cannot wait to take her swimming. We think she'll like the water.

On Sunday afternoon we went to Adam's aunt and uncle's house for dinner. All of his aunts and uncles were there and cousins too and of course everyone fussed over the baby.

Olivia even participated in the egg hunt. The backyard was too muddy for me to walk around in wearing heels so Adam carried her. He pointed out the eggs, then she picked them up. The eggs had money (coins) in them so she had fun shaking them and listening to the noise that they made. It was adorable. She made out well too. She collected about ten dollars in quarters, plus she got thirty dollars from Adam's dad. We are going to put the money to buying a new carseat to keep in the jeep.

My sister went back to school on Sunday so we stopped by my parent's house again to say goodbye to her. We ended up staying longer than I had wanted to but I was glad we went.

I cannot believe it's almost April. Olivia is almost nine months old!

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