Wednesday, Mar. 19, 2008


Yesterday Olivia and I went to Adam's cousin, Kristin's house. She has a little boy who is two months older than Olivia. We got there around noon and Olivia and Ben played for the afternoon until Ben had to leave to visit his dad.

They played nicely together. Olivia would start crawling somewhere and Ben would crawl right beside her. It was kind of interesting to watch because even at their age, boys play so differently than girls do.

Little boys are rough where as little girls seem more cautious and gentler with toys. It takes some time for Olivia to decide which toy she likes and she picks it up carefully and handles it with concern. Ben would just kind of rip into things and throw toys around, not interested in one toy for very long.

When in a new environment Olivia has to study everything. She will check out the new scenery and scope everything out before feeling comfortable. At Ben and Kristin's house, she sat beside me with a curious look on her face. Then, she started exploring; crawling here and there. She doesn't want to miss a thing and believe me, she doesn't.

We ate lunch their. Usually, after lunch Olivia takes a nap but I guess there was just too much going on because she was awake and very alert.

She slept on the way home but woke up as soon as we got home and the car stopped moving. We waited for Adam to get home from work which was around 7:30. She had missed him so much. He held her as soon as he got in the door and went to hand her to me so he could get a shower but she turned her head away from me and clung to him. It was adorable and made Adam feel so loved.

Since Adam got back so late last night he was on call today and didn't get called to go in. We went to the mall and got Olivia some new clothes for spring/summer. Everything was on sale but I still spent way too much money.

Her Easter dress is so cute though. We got it at Gymboree. It is pastel pink and white with a sort of checkered pattern. Of course we had to get the matching hat and Easter basket to go with it. I found a pink sweater for her to wear over top of it since it is sleeveless. I don't know why they don't make all the dresses come with matching sweaters because it is usually chilly on Easter Sunday.

Tomorrow I got back to work. bleh. It isn't so bad though. The weekend is creeping up!

missdahling at 10:08 pm