Wednesday, Mar. 05, 2008


I took Olivia to the doctor's on Monday night. She has an ear infection. The doctor prescribed medication which is to be taken three times per day for ten days. Already, after only taking them for two days, she is starting to feel better.

She weighed in at 20.5 pounds and is 27 inches long. Two months ago when she was there, she weighed 21.5 pounds and was 26 inches long. It's tough to know how accurate the measurements are though because of how they stretch her legs out to measure her and how her weight is shifted when they sit her on the scale.

Today I wasn't feeling so great. My throat is sore and I didn't have any energy. I am feeling better now though. I napped with Olivia this afternoon which I don't usually do so now I am not tired and I should be going to bed.

missdahling at 10:23 pm