Thursday, Mar. 13, 2008

The Roof

My dog is so fucking bad. She has been going out onto the roof of the first floor apartment and chewing up shingles. She even ripped off a piece of siding.

There is a wooden railing as soon as we walk outside but she is able to fit herself through the wood slabs. She did this once when we first moved in but hadn't done it again since recently.

We thought she'd get too big and fat to fit through, but her build is smaller than most bulldogs so it enables her to cause mischief.

Neighbors are noticing it and commenting to us about it. One woman said,"Do you know your dog goes on the roof?" She was afraid that Chanel would fall off because the roof has a slight slant to it. She hasn't yet; ::knock on wood::.

I told my coworkers about it and now they look for Chanel when they drive by my house. It's funny in a way, but kind of embarrassing too. We are going to have to get some kind of fencing to put around so she can't do that anymore.

I am afraid that Chanel isn't getting enough attention from Adam and I lately and that is why she's resorting to doing bad things. Who knows with her.

missdahling at 2:06 pm