Sunday, Mar. 02, 2008


Olivia is sick. Yesterday she woke up and was fine. She ate a decent sized portion of oatmeal before I left for work, then Adam said she had a bottle which she normally does in the mornings.

By the time I got off work at noon, she wasn't quite herself. She was clingy and took a two hour nap in the afternoon. She hardly ever naps for that long. Usually, she only takes catnaps; about three twenty minute naps throughout the day.

Her right eye was a little watery and her nose was pluggy. Her forehead felt a little warm so we gave her a dose of tylonol. When that kicked in she was perky. She played with a few toys before bed and seemed to be better.

She woke up at midnight last night after sleeping for four hours. She woke up happy. Not tired at all, but happy. She was laughing at us and smiling. She kept us up until 2:30am.

This morning, she was in a good mood so Adam dropped her off at his mom's house like we always do on Sunday afternoons. Before Adam even returned home his mom called and just about gave me a heart attack. She said,"Jenn, I think Olivia needs to go to the emergency room." What the fuck???

She told me that her nose kept running, her eyes were watery and her eye lid was red. She asked if it was okay to give her some tylonol and I said it was alright. I told her I would call her back when Adam got home to see what he thought we should do.

Adam told me that she was fine when he dropped her off. Yes, her eye was a little teary and of course her nose was running because we know she has a cold...but he didn't think she needed to go to the emergency room.

So we debated and debated for about thirty minutes. I personally didn't think she needed to go to the ER and neither did Adam because we both know that his mom is paranoid. I called my mom and she said that it was totally our decision, but she wouldn't take her to the emergency room. It would be jumping the gun which Adam and I both agreed.

Adam's mother always wants us to take her to the ER for every little sniffle. There have been four separate times she wanted us to take her and we didn't. WHY? They would most likely tell me to keep running the vaporizor,sucking out her nose with the aspirator and using saline drops.

Adam and I did our Sunday afternoon thing and called his mom an hour later to check on Olivia. His mom said that she seemed a lot better after the tylonol kicked in. I was relieved. We told her to call if anything changed which she didn't need to.

When we picked her up this evening she was tired. Her nose was really runny ... she just didn't look quite like herself, ya know? We gave her another dose of tylonol before we left his mom's, came home and I just put her to bed. If she wakes up tonight, I'll probably give her more tylonol.

Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I will make a doctor's appointment to be safe. I feel so bad for her. I wish it were me that weren't feeling well instead of her.

missdahling at 9:12 pm