Monday, Feb. 25, 2008

New Ride

In my previous entry I had mentioned that Olivia was having a sleepover at my parents' house. It turns out that she did not sleep well for them. My mom was up with her about four separate times during the night. I felt bad, but of course, my mom didn't mind. She was probably up so much because she was in an unfamiliar place and was not in her own crib. I can understand that because I don't sleep well when I'm not in my own bed.

My mom was supposed to drop Olivia off at the house the next morning while I was at work because Adam was home. I came home from work excited. I called out,"Olivia! Mom's home!" Adam walked out from the livingroom and was like,"Nope, babe, she's not here yet." For some reason I got a little worried that something happened so I called my mom who told me she was on her way.

I missed my baby so much! We ate lunch, played, just spent some time together until we had to drop her off at Adam's mom's place. It was a last minute decision to a car dealership to look for a new vehicle since the engine died in one of our cars. We didn't really want to take Olivia along if we were going to be test driving vehicles. We figured it would be easier to not have to take the car seat in and out. Plus, the dealership was a little over an hour away.

So that afternoon we went to a jeep dealership that Adam had checked into on his way home from work one day last week. To cut to the chase, we worked some things out with the salesman and ended up driving home a new 2006 jeep wrangler. It's a six speed, white, with a soft top. The payments are a littler higher than what I had wanted, but we can manage them and Adam is in love with it. He works hard. He does deserve it.

The jeep is Adam's vehicle, but obviously I want to drive it. That causes a problem because I cannot drive stick. Adam gave me a little driving lesson on Sunday evening in a vacant parking lot.

I'm not good at driving it, but not bad either. I got the hang of shifting and using the clutch just fine, but he says that I am not ready to drive it by myself on major highways or anything and especially not with Olivia which is okay because I'm not comfortable doing that yet anyways.

A few more times practicing and I might be able to start driving it to work even though Adam teases me, saying,"I might take you a loooong time to get the jist of's alright if it takes you three years to learn!" That is only because he loves it so much and wants only himself to drive it. It would make sense for me to drive it to work only because I have to travel a much shorter distance than Adam does. I think we should try to keep the mileage low because of the warranty.

Today, we were supposed to go back to the dealers to sign some more papers and tie up some loose ends, but Adam got back a little later than he had anticipated so we rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Adam thinks he will have a short day tomorrow so let's hope.

Adam's mom is picking Olivia up at lunch time and we will pick her up on our way home from the dealership. But before we go, I have to go to the social security office to get Olivia's card reissued (I have no idea where I've placed it), then to the DMV to get my picture taken for my license. I've renewed it online but have yet to get my picture. Hopefully it will turn out alright because they never seem to.

It's off to bed now. G'night.

missdahling at 9:39 pm