Friday, Feb. 22, 2008

Jack Is Mellow

This weather .... UGH. I hate it. You don't even know how ready for summer I am.

Adam had a shitty day. He left just as the snowstorm was starting last night/this morning around 1 am.

After pulling over to take two naps in the truck, Adam finally got to Jersey SEVEN hours later. Each time he would wake up from a nap, the snow was so much worse than it was before he went to sleep. Each time, he'd curse at himself for pulling over, but he was tired. And I can see why; I would be tired too if I only got 4 hours of sleep.

The directions the company printed for him were completly inaccurate so he ended up being lost a few separate times that came to a total of around 4 hours. He shouldn't have agreed to run a route he wasn't familiar with. I knew that would be trouble when he told me he accepted that offer last night.

By the time I woke up it had stopped snowing.

By the time I left for work, which was at 1:30, it had started sleeting but I didn't have any problems getting to work. Olivia's daycare is only 3 blocks from our house and my job is not even ten minutes away.

I should have called work to see if they really needed me before I went in like Vanessa told me to do yesterday. We were so slow. Nobody was coming to the bank because of the weather. All day, I had a total of about 40 customers.

My mom picked Olivia up from daycare today because she needs to be picked up by 6 and Adam wasn't going to be home in time for my mom to drop her off here.

*Our other car died so we've been dealing with only one vehicle for three days now*

Late afternoon, my mom called and asked if I wanted Olivia to spend the night at her place since I had to pick Adam up later in the evening. I told her sure; that way I wouldn't have to either take her with me to get Adam or pick her up at my mom's since it would be late.

From the time my mom picked her up, I called 4 times to check on her. Twice when I was at work, again when I got home from work, and about an hour ago when I got home from picking up Adam. How pathetic am I!

Adam is asleep. He told me that he is taking a nap and to wake him up in an hour so he can play on the computer, watch tv; just enjoy his Friday night, but I know that his 'nap' will turn into real sleep, but whatever.I guess I'll try waking him in a bit.

It's weird right now, without Olivia. I do miss her so much, but it is so nice to chill and relax by myself. It almost doesn't feel natural to not have to feed her dinner, give her a bath, get her settled for bed, etc. I am enjoying myself right now. It has been a while since I've only had myself to take care of. It's such a strange feeling. It's a very rare feeling these days.

I hope that tomorrow the roads are totally clear because I work. But right now, I am going to have a nice, quiet evening. Good night!

missdahling at 10:09 pm