Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2008

Birthday Girl

My 25th birthday was three days ago (January 13th). I can't say that it was exciting because it was far from it, but I can say that it was good; one of the best.

On Saturday night Adam, Olivia and I were invited to my parents' house for dinner to celebrate my birthday. My mother of course made a wonderful homecooked meal; a rarity for us because neither Adam nor I do any real cooking. For desert she made my favorite which is coconut cream pie. Each year I ask for the pie instead of birthday cake. It is so much better in my opinion. My mom and dad got me a pair of gold earrings. They are gorgeous.

We visited until it was getting to be Olivia's bedtime. She fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep even while took her jacket off and layed her in her crib.

Adam and I then decided to purchase a movie from our On Demand. We watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Neither of us had seen it. It was a decent movie; a lot of funny parts. It had been awhile since we rented a movie together. We used to go to the video store just about every weekend but haven't since Olivia was born. It was nice to just spend some time together and relax.

After the movie was over it was about twenty minutes until midnight. As I was going to sleep, I remember saying to Adam,"It's almost my birthday..." I was so tired. It's pathetic; I can barely stay up until midnight anymore. I used to be a nightowl but of course things have changed.

On Sunday Adam and I played cards and like always, Adam won. For the past month he has cashed out in every card game he's played in. He is on fire. I just hope his hot streak doesn't wear off.

That was the extent of my birthday. Like I said, it wasn't exciting, but it was good. I cannot believe I am 25 already. I do but I don't feel as though I am 25 if that makes any sense.

I am finally at the place I thought I'd be in my life at this age. I used to have a plan ... at 19 I should be doing this, at 21 I should be doing that, etc. In the past I was never at the 'correct' stage in my life at the 'correct' age. Now I am. I have a beautiful daughter, the love of my life(Adam); we are financially stable; I like my job .... Everything just fell into place. I am content and don't mind getting older if it comes with all these perks. Everyone keeps telling my that my birthdays will only get better from now on. I am starting to believe them.

missdahling at 9:48 pm