Friday, Jan. 11, 2008

Got SomeTeeth

Olivia has two teeth. Both on the bottom of her mouth, in the very front. I noticed one yesterday and the other today.

For awhile now, Adam and I have both known that the teeth were on their way by the way she was biting on things and by how hard her gums were. However, I didn't know that one day they would just appear. I thought maybe I'd get more of a warning or something.

She wasn't even that fussy ... not as fussy as other parents have told me their kids were when they were teething.

I mentioned that on Saturday night she woke up in the middle of the night and was awake for a few hours, but not really cranky; just up and with a little bit of a fever. Last night, same thing. She was awake for a few hours, but seemed content. No fever this time though.

Yesterday I was talking to Adam on the phone and said to him,"Do you know that Olivia has a tooth?" "No! he said, I can't wait to see it!" We were both so excited. He said that he was telling everyone about it. Such a proud dad.

When he got home from work last night she was already in bed so he didn't get to see it until today and right away he noticed the other one. They are so small still, but both are poked through her gums.

She is getting so big, so quickly...

missdahling at 10:22 pm