Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2007

Adam's Number 1

The final game of the poker tournament that Adam and I have been playing in for the past thirty five weeks was on Saturday afternoon. It was actually a week early for some reason or another so we took Adam to my mom and dad's around three o'clock. While we were there my mom gave Adam and I an early Christmas present wrapped in an American Eagle shopping bag. "Is it really from AE?" I asked, knowing it wasn't. "No ..." my mom said.

I opened the gift and pulled out two framed and matted pictures of Olivia. My parents had them taken at Sears one Sunday afternoon while they were watching her. One is a collage and the other is taken from her waist up. She is wearing a pink jumper with a white shirt underneath. In both pictures she the biggest smiles ever. She looks like 'her'; so happy.

The reason why we got the present before Christmas day is because my mom sent a few wallets to Adam's mom and Adam's aunt. She didn't want them to get the pictures before we did. I was so surprised because we didn't even know they had them taken. It was seriously the best present and will probably be my favorite out of all the gifts I get.

Adam and I showed everyone at the card game Olivia's pictures and they loved them of course. Seriously, how couldn't they. She is beautiful.

There were only nine of us playing cards. Out of all thirty five weeks there was a point system. You got points for knocking people out, placing first, second, or third, etc. The top nine people with the most points determined who played in the final game. Luckily Adam and I both got the chance to play in it. I made it to fourth place when I got knocked out by Adam. My own boyfriend knocked me out of the tournament, one seat away from the money. I was pissed too. Everyone knew I was pissed. I was a sore loser which I am not usually.

I sat around and sat around watching everyone else play, wondering if I should leave to go to my family's Christmas party that was going on while we were playing cards or if I should stay and watch Adam. Good thing I stayed. Adam won first place. I was sooo happy. He won $1700.00 which he split with me. Before the game we made a deal that if either one of us cashed out we would split the money. Such a nice chunk of change to win right before Christmas.

My family's Christmas party was over by the time we got there but it was worth it since Adam won. The only people who were at my uncle's were my parents were there with Olivia and my sister Madison. Adam and I each ate a plate of food, talked for about thirty minutes and then we all went home. Olivia was really tired. She didn't even wake up when we got home and were taking her snow suit off like she usually does. She slept good that night.

It snowed throughout the night on Saturday and into Sunday. Then it turned to ice midmorning. I hate ice. Adam went grocery shopping on Sunday morning and Olivia and I stayed in. It was a good day to relax and stay in pajamas which is exactly what we did. It was just a lazy day.

Luckily the roads cleared up by the time Adam had to go to work on Sunday night/Monday morning. He still ended up overnight in Jersey on Monday though. I hate when he stays over but am getting used to it. It is usually only Mondays but still...

I had off work Monday and yesterday so I got to hang out with Olivia all day. Megan stopped by last night for a few hours because she is home on Christmas break until the middle of January. We chilled with baby, watched E and gossiped about people.

Today I went back to work. I only worked from 10-3 but ugh...It's so hard going back after you have three days off. I can't wait for the weekend.

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