Thursday, Dec. 06, 2007


Liz and I hung out on Tuesday. She came over to the house for awhile to see Olivia and then around noon I dropped Olivia off at daycare.

In a way I feel bad for taking her to daycare because I had off work, but I have to pay for a minimum of three days per week anyway. This week I work three days out of five. She will go to daycare tomorrow and was with me all day at home on Monday and was home all day with Adam yesterday because he didn't have to work. She does like daycare though. Always, she smiles big at the girls who work there when I drop her off and she even smiles at the other kids; usually the little boys. Already, at five months, she is liking boys.

After I dropped her off, Liz and I went out to eat at a great Mexican restaurant. The food is so good and it never takes them long to bring it out to you either. We both got the lunch special chimichangas which were excellent. I had never tried them before. Adam and I used to go there a lot but haven't since Olivia was born because there is too much cigarette smoke that lingers in the air.

I am so glad that I started hanging out with Liz again. Not only does it give me a chance to hang out with another person my age, but she has been catching me up on all the latest gossip.

The gossip that interested my the most was about our friend Nicole. I am worried about her. She is pregnant but has been bleeding so she went to the doctor's. Liz wasn't sure exactly what happened, but to put a long story short, the next couple of week will determine whether or not the baby will live. I know that Nicole has had several miscarriages before. I feel very bad for her. Being a mom, I cannot even begin to imagine what that would be like.

I bought Megan's Christmas present while Liz and I were at the mall. I got her a nightshirt, shampoo, conditioner and a pair of slippers all from Victoria's Secret. I didn't really know what to get her but I know that she likes V.C. I just hope she doesn't already have the nightshirt and slippers. My sister loves to shop so she has sooo many clothes and accessories. There was a time when I owned more clothing than her, but she has now surpassed me big time.

For a little while, Liz came back to the house after the mall and we just chilled, played on the computer, watched tv, etc. We made plans to hang out again in about two weeks. She left and I picked Olivia up.

Adam and I put a small Christmas tree up in our livingroom. I decorated it with all my ornaments and we will put Adam's ornaments on when we get them from his mom this weekend. My mom got Olivia a cute 'baby's first Christmas' ornament too. It is one that I can put a picture in. I need to find a cute picture of her. She loves our tree. She cannot stop staring at it.

It is getting late...I should be in bed.

missdahling at 10:29 pm