Thursday, Dec. 20, 2007

Such a Tragedy

Adam's cousin is in town for about two weeks visiting from California. Her and his other cousin stopped by last night to see the baby. It was the first time his cousin from Cali has seen Olivia since she was born. She loved her. She said her mom; Adam's aunt, is obsessed. We're going to send some pictures back to California with her.

Olivia's Christmas pictures turned out sooo great. I picked them up before work this morning. We got so many pictures. They always try to talk you into all these extras and of course, being first time parents, we can't say no. There is a close up of her. She is not smiling. Her eyes are big. Her lips are naturally very pouty, but in this picture they are extra pouty. She looks serious. It's my favorite. I already framed it. She is beautiful in all of them.

All the girls at work loved her pictures too. They liked the sepia colored background. "Old timey", they called it. My manager was showing the pictures to a lot of customers who came in to see her and also to our mortgage consultant. I didn't even need to show them off because all my coworkers did for me.

Vanessa told me some bad news when I came into work. Kristine; who we used to work with before we merged; her father in law died last night. He drove truck for a local company and was killed in an accident last night / early morning. I keep looking in the newspaper, but there isn't an article so I don't really know many details. Maybe there will be one in tomorrow. I shall keep checking.

I feel so bad for Kristine and her family. Of course it would have been shitty to happen any time of the year, but this time especially. Who even wants to think about Christmas when something like that happens. I hate hearing about trucking accidents because I think of Adam immediatly. If anything ever happens to him ... I can't even think about it. It's too awful.

Tomorrow I'm going to send Kristine and her husband flowers. It's such a tragedy.

missdahling at 9:39 pm