Sunday, Dec. 02, 2007

Santa and Olivia

It snowed last night. yuck. Not as much as the forecast was calling for, but still a good two inches. The roads were clear when I woke up this morning but now it is raining which means it will probably freeze over. It worries me because Adam has to work in Jersey tomorrow. I hope he will be safe. I have off tomorrow so Olivia and I will just stay indoors.

The weekend just ended but already I am ready for next weekend. Of course all of the days go by quickly, but the weekends do especially because Adam is home with us. We spend a lot of time together on Saturday and Sundays.

Yesterday we went to visit Adam's grandmother, then met Brandon and his baby at the mall. We had made plans earlier in the week to take the babies to see Santa. Olivia's picture with Santa turned out so good! She has a huge smile on her face. Probably next year is when she will be old enough to be afraid of him. We purchased four 3 and 1/2 x 5 photos which they wanted $22.00 for. Whatever though, at least she looked cute.

Accidentally, we ran into Adam's cousin Kristin and her baby right after Olivia sat on Santa's lap. We stood and talked to her for quite awhile then asked if she wanted to go to dinner with the five of us. So, we had four adults and three babies crammed into a booth at the restaurant. Kristin's son is able to sit in a high chair but Olivia and Brandon's son can't quite hold themselves up without help yet. They stayed in their carseat carriers. It was a tight squeeze but we managed. Everyone was looking at us as we walked back to our table. It waskind of funny actually.

It is really cool that Adam and I have friends with babies Olivia's age. We all had a good time. Adam, Kristin and I all were really shocked at one point during dinner when Brandon gave his son a sip of Pepsi from a straw. We all exclaimed certain things...I think I said,"Omigod! He's going to be up all night!" Krisin said,"I'm not seeing you know how much sugar and corn syrup is in that?!" Adam laughed and said,"DO you want him to have a gut like you and I?" It obviously wasn't the first time Brandon did it either. I couldn't believe that but it was sooo funny.

Olivia was up an hour past her bedtime last night and that threw her schedule off for bedtime tonight too...Nine o'clock is a little later than what her, and I, are used to. She should sleep good though. ::knock on wood::

I started Christmas shopping this past week. Liz and I hung out on Tuesday for lunch then went to the mall. I got Adam a new wallet. He's been telling me he wants a trifold so I found a nice one. It was 50% off too. For Madison, I got her a makeup box and filled it with a bottle of perfume, two pairs of cute socks, nailpolish, eye makeup, lipgloss, etc. She will be ten at the end of the month. As she gets older, she gets harder and harder to pick out gifts for. Hopefully she will like the things I chose. I liked things like that when I was her age.

On Friday I got Adam a bottle of colone. He currently doesn't have any. I chose my favorite scent on a guy; Aqua Di Gio. Loove it! I also got him one of his main XM radio. I am going to pay for a year's subscription. I will probably need help activating it because I am an idiot when it comes to stuff like that. I would just wait and let him do it, but I want it to be ready to use when he goes to work the following day. I am so excited. This is the earliest I've started shopping in a few years. I'm proud of myself.

I'm not going crazy buying Olivia gifts this year because she will not even know it is Christmas. She has sooo much stuff as it is...I haven't even had to buy diapers yet! Isn't that cool! She has enough clothes for a while too. I will probably just get her a few special things like baby jewelery, a collector's ornament, etc. Also, I know that both grandma's already bought her a lot of things.

So, I need to buy for my mom and dad, Megan, and buy Adam a few stocking stuffer type things. At this rate though, I'll be done shopping days, maybe weeks before Christmas ... for once!

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