Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2007

A Lil' Better

It was a better day at work today up until it was time to leave. I balanced my drawer at closing time because I am off tomorrow. As I was counting a pack of twenties that I had gotten out of the vault when I noticed there was a $5.00 bill in with them. It didn't make sense because the person who turned them into the vault wouldn't have balanced their drawer. My manager gave me another pack of twenties and told me he'd deal with the $5.00 bill tomorrow. In my new pack of twenties, I found a $50.00 and two $10.00 bills.

To make a long story short, we had seven people counting every pack of money in the building to make sure each one was correct. Everyone was stressed, my assistant manager was pissed off because the girl who handed me the first pack of $20's didn't follow the correct procedure and because there really wasn't a need to count EVERY pack and not everyone was understanding why. I stuck around as long as I could but I had to politely excuse myself because I had to pick Olivia up from daycare before six o'clock or else I would get charged so many dollars per minute for every minute I was late. It was a fiasco.

I was glad to get home. Adam was already here when Olivia and I finally came home and that is unusual for a Tuesday evening. Normally I am home before him on Monday's and Tuesday's. Wednesday's are usually hit or miss and Thursday's and Friday's he is always home before me because the bank stays open later (until six pm).

Olivia got her bath tonight, then played for a bit. My sister, Megan is home from college so she stopped by earlier to visit. She fed Olivia her bedtime bottle, then went home. I layed Olivia in her crib and then Adam and I ordered food.

The baby's cold is getting better. Adam actually took her to the doctor's for it last Thursday after he got home from work. She had a stuff nose diarrea and a cough. The cough is what worried us. It was one of those hacking coughs where it sounds as if it is all in the chest. The doctor told us to use saline drops in her nose and to keep running the vaporizor. I had a feeling they weren't actually going to do anything or prescribe anything, but it made Adam and I feel better anyway. I guess you can never be too sure.

I'll probably write a little bit tomorrow. I have off work and Olivia is going to daycare for a little bit because I am paying for it anyway. I feel bad sending her there since I will be home, but I could use a little alone time. Plus, it will give me a chance to clean my house and do laundry. Believe me, it needs it.

missdahling at 9:37 pm