Monday, Nov. 19, 2007

The First

Today was my first day at the new office. I forgot that the lobby didn't open until nine and when I got there at ten minutes of I tried to open the door. My new manager let me in and then gave me my own key. I immediately made eye contact with Vanessa who gave me a 'look' as if to say,"Jenn, you don't know what you're in for."

Everything was chaotic. Only one of my coworkers had a computer system. The rest were using what we call the recovery system which is processed by handwriting everything instead of using the computers. I was able to log into the copmuter luckily while Vanessa was on the phone with our IT department, fixing everyone else's problem.

Night deposit drop was full. I should have figured though. We have about twice as many customers than we did before since we merged. Our regular night drop customers plus all of their night drop customers. Plus, it was a Monday so businesses had their deposits from the weekend. I was able to get five night deposit bags done until we started getting swamped in the lobby.

From then on there wasn't a break. We literally had no down time. Customers kept coming in one after another. My manager, D.W. asked me to go back to the our old branch to wait for AT to pick up the money we are shipping out. It was locked in our vault from Friday afternoon when we officially closed. We waited for an hour and a half. They never showed. D.W. made a phone call and was able to find out that AT was running late. We went back to our new office. The break away from it was kind of nice, but weird being in the old office and seeing it so vacant.

Right after I got back I took a $40,000.00 cash deposit from a business so that took me awhile. My drawer was a mess so I had to count down my money and turn some into the vault. By the time I took care of that it was time to balance my drawer and of course, it didn't balance. I was $100.00 over. As it turned out, I miscounted my $5's. When it was all said and done, my drawer ended up 25 cents over but that was because this morning when I opened a roll of quarters it had an extra one in. I was sort of annoyed because I am never usually off. Whatever though. As long as it's under $10.00 it isn't really a big deal.

I felt like I was in my own world today. My coworkers and I used to talk, laugh and joke around but it seems like my three new coworkers don't have a sense of humor like my old ones and Vanessa was way too busy helping the new ones adjust to the newness of our computer system, policies, customers, etc. Laur, my assistant manager has her own office and is secluded from us unlike before. So I just did my own thing.

The new office is so cluttered. If my ex coworker, Kristine hadn't transferred to a different office and came with us she would have had a fit. She thought our old branch was 'a fucking mess' as she put it, and we were very organized. I know that today was the first functioning day in the new place so there will be things out of place, but they didn't even clean house before we got there. They had all summer to clean up old files, throw out, put in storage, whatever but they didn't. Now we have their shit, plus our shit. Ugh.

Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to unpack more boxes and find a home for everything. Right now everything is just kind of 'there'. I hate rummaging around to find something I need and I hate being a pest and asking where something is. I felt like I just started a new job. I can't explain it.

Tomorrow is a new day. I keep telling myself it will get better.

missdahling at 8:39 pm