Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2007

the drama

I am addicted to online poker. I am really tired, but not too tired to keep playing. I am so lame anymore...The other night I stayed up until midnight because our friend Brandon was here hanging out and that is the latest I've gone to bed since before Olivia was born. Sad, isn't it? Kids will deprive you of sleep I suppose.

Even though I wasn't that happy about it, Adam played cards on Saturday afternoon. His mom picked Olivia up a little before noon because his game was about 45 minutes away from home. Of course she was late; always is. As unhappy as I was about him going, I couldn't really say too much because he does so much for me and really is a wonderful father to Olivia. He doesn't go out anymore; maybe stops at the bar after work and has about two drinks, maximum. He isn't blowing money like he used to either. The more I think about things like that, the more I realize that playing cards is such a minor thing. He deserves a break too.

Since I knew I was going home to an empty house I didn't rush out of work like I normally do. I took my time getting out of there. After all, it was my last Saturday working in that building.

After work, I went to the mall and splurged. Bought myself some new threads and didn't feel the least bit guilty doing so either. It had been a really long time since I bought something for myself. I was able to get myself a few new pieces of cothes that I can wear to work or just out. A black cardigan sweater, a green turtleneck, a melon-color hooded sweater, a striped, 3/4 length knit top, a silky lavender blouse and one of those cute bubbly vests in white with pink lining. My total bill was only $120.00. Not bad, I didn't think.

I was pleased with all my purchases, but disappointed that I couldn't find pants. I have a lot of jeans, but need new work pants. I am only 5 foot 2 so that makes it that much harder to find pants that fit. They are either too long, too tight, too loose ... Express pants fit me well now that they started making size 0. Gap jeans fit me well too. No matter what size you are; if you are a girl, it is always difficult to find pants. Every woman I know tells me how hard it is to find a pant that fits them just so. If only I could have my jeans and pants customly made.

Saturday night Adam and I invited our friend Brandon over to the house. Adam made cheese steaks that were excellent. I've mentioned it before, but Brandon's baby is only two days younger than Olivia. They go to the same daycare and will grow up together which I think is awsome. I've known Brandon for seven years and Adam has been best friends with him since they were in sixth grade.

Brandon didn't have the baby with him though because baby's mommy was being a bitch. Things aren't good between Brandon and psycho-bitch. On Thursday night, she told Brandon,"I'm going to stay at my dad's house." and off she went with the baby. Brandon was told to pick him up this past Sunday and keep him until Wednesday, then she will pick up baby from daycare. Needless to say, Brandon was devastated. I cannot even imagine what I'd do if someone just up and left with Olivia. He has an attorney already and there will be a custody hearing coming up within the next few months.

I don't trust psycho-bitch with baby and neither does anyone else. For example, she took him out in nothing but a onesie in rainy, 50 degree weather. No socks. No shoes. No jacket. No blanket. That pissed me off. That is not even half of it. I don't feel like getting in to it all tonight, but my heart goes out to baby. He has no say in it. he is so little and innocent. She doesn't always act like she is interested in being a mom. You cannot pick and choose when to be a parent. It is a full time job; around the clock.

It's horrible because Brandon couldn't be happier right now. He is a proud dad, has a good job and is taking some college courses. Psycho is the only negative thing in his life and that is ashame. I am keeping my fingers crossed that things will get better for them, but so far it seems that they are only getting worse.

Brandon was here for awhile on Saturday night just hanging out, wathcing tv, playing on our new computer....I think he didn't want to go home. We had a good time though and was glad he was able to get out of the house.

On Sunday it was the usual...cards, then home.

I had off yesterday for Veteran's Day. Olivia and I relaxed at home. We played, I caught up on laundry and other cleaning. I love spending the day with her. That's why I am more excited than not about next week when I start part time. I'm apprehensive about a lot of things though. A new office, new co workers ... If anyone can remember what it felt like the night before the first day of school, that's what I feel like. Once I get there I will be fine, but I am nervous. I don't know why I get like this.

My poker game is over, I'm going to bed .. finally.

missdahling at 9:24 pm