Wednesday, Nov. 07, 2007

In Love

Olivia finally went to sleep a few minutes ago. It is just one of those days where I wanted some time to spend alone. Time alone is so rare for me these days, it is just nice to relax by myself once in awhile. On Sunday afternoons Adam's mom watches Olivia so that we can go to the card tournament. Speaking of which, it is soon over. I can hardly believe we've been playing in it for over four months. I am not sure exactly how many weeks it's been going on. I haven't been doing so well though. Adam has, so I guess it makes up for my mistakes.

The forty minute drive home from Adam's mom's is relaxing. We turn the radio up and listen to music mostly. I sometimes daydream about different things. This past Sunday I thought about how different my life is from what is used to be. I can't recall exact thoughts, but I concluded that my life is the happiest it's ever been. Things with Adam and I have been great since the baby was born; better than ever. We live in a nice apartment with our awesome bulldog that we've always wanted; we are FINALLY financially stable and of course, Olivia is #1 in our lives. Life is treating me good for once.

On Monday and Tuesday I didn't really do anything. In fact, I barely left my house because I had off work. I was actually able to get some cleaning done yesterday let me tell you, my house needed it too. I got the bathroom, kitchen and living room almost spotless and caught up on Olivia's laundry. My daughter has so many clothes I could probably go a few months or more without washing any outfits. I packed up her summery clothes and clothes that no longer fit her, put them in boxes and stored them in her closet for now. I have eight big boxes so far. I don't know if I want to give the clothes away or save them just in case I ever have another little girl. I don't plan on it, but who knows.

Last evening I took Olivia to the doctor's for her four month checkup. She is 18.5 pounds! A chubby girl. There is a discrepency with her height. Last time, she measured at 24.5 inches. This time, she measured at 24. She couldn't have shrunk. I guess it's hard to get an exact measurement since she moves around so much. When she got her shots this time, she cried a little more than last time. I felt so bad for her. She didn't react to them though. I gave her tylonol as soon as we got home and again in the middle of the night. This morning when I felt her forehead, it wasn't even warm. Next time, I think I will make Adam take her to the doctor's because she will get another series of shots.

After having a long weekend, it was hard going back to work. At least I only have tomorrow and Friday until the weekend. It makes it nice. Soon enough; in about a week and a half, I will start working part time. How great will that be! In that aspect, I am looking forward to moving to our new office, but on the other hand, I don't want to go. I want to stay where I am, where things are familiar to me. My coworker Kristine is moving to an entirely different office than the rest of us (one that will be closer to home). All in all, I will miss her, but lately she hasn't been fun to work with. We are all supposed to go out for dinner before these changes take place so that will be nice. Bittersweet is more like it I guess.

Like I mentioned in my last entry, I got a new computer. I am in love with it. Our cable internet was hooked up on Monday and everything downloads so fast. How the hell did I ever live without something like this? I will definitly update a lot more often now. I missed diaryland.

missdahling at 8:50 pm