Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2007


On Saturday morning Adam, Olivia and I stopped in at my work so that I could cash a few checks and to show off the baby. Vanessa couldn't believe how big she had gotten since she had seen her last and Kristine got to see her for the first time. Oh yeah, we brought Chanel too. It was funny, everyone was just as happy to see the dog as they were the baby. haha.

Vanessa made me a copy of the schedule because I go back to work next week. boo hoo. I am so not ready to go back. I didn't think it would be this hard. Adam and I had a discussion about me staying at home. He isn't thrilled with the idea, but ultimatly, it is my decision. I have to stay at least until the middle of November because my bank is merging with another bank and we get a bonus if we stay until that is complete. I sort of mentioned to the girls at the bank that I may or may not be quitting eventually. They are supportive, but said that they would miss me.

After the bank we went to visit Adam's grandmother; which would make her Olivia's great grandmother. We gave her the name Mom-O. She said to us,"If you ever tell anyone this, I will deny it, but Olivia is the most beautiful grandchild besides Adam." haha. It is true, Adam was an adorable baby and toddler...blonde, blonde hair, big blue eyes and the most perfect mouth. Olivia has his mouth too; pouty lips.

Mom-O offered to watch Olivia this Friday night so that Adam and I can go to the high school football game. I haven't been to one since I was in high school and that is going on six years now. Adam's mom said to make sure that we bring her to Mom-O's on Friday night even if we don't go to the game; even if we just go out to eat or something because she is so excited to have Olivia to herself for a few hours. Adam's mom said that Mom-O goes,"I can't believe they're going to let me watch her!" She is totally capable of watching her for a few hours. She is 78 I think and in excellent health.

Saturday was a day for visiting the greatgrandma's because we then went to visit Adam's other grandma; Mimi is what we call her. We were there for awhile. We ordered in subs and ate them while we watched the first half of the Penn State vs. Notre Dame game. By half time, it was late enough that we went home to get Olivia her bath and get her ready for bed.

Slept good that night, the entire night; from 9:30pm - 7:00am. I knew she had been tired because she was really cranky which isn't like her at all.

Adam and I played cards on Sunday while his mom babysat. We picked Olivia up, ate dinner, then watched Extreme Makeover. I love that show. It is one of the only shows that we watch on a weekly basis. I am excited for the two hour episode. Isn't it pathetic that my life consists of anticipating a television show to air? lol

As of now I am just enjoying my last week off work....

missdahling at 2:17 pm