Thursday, Sept. 13, 2007


My assistant manager at work called me the other day and left a message on my machine. Today, I called back but she was in a meeting and expected to be back sometime after 1. My best friend at work, Vanessa was the one who answered the phone. She wanted to give me a heads up about what my assistant manager wanted to talk about.

Basically, she is going to tell me not to feel obligated to come back to work and that it wasn't absoltely necessary for me to return. I told Vanessa that I'm aware of that and I am coming back because I want to at least try it and see how things go. I know why she needs to talk to me about it. It's because my manager is being an asshole. Vanessa told me as much. My manager doesn't want to see me come back for only a little bit and then up and leave.

Obviously, I wouldn't do that. I'd give at least a months notice which I told Vanessa. She said that she already knows that but Laurie just wants to talk to me.

I am sort of glad that is what she wants to talk about. I was a little worried that she was going to say I had to be back to work on Monday instead of Tuesday.

Actually, I need to talk to her too to tell her that I won't be able to work until close (6pm) on Fridays anymore because Olivia needs picked up BY 6. Her daycare is only open until 6 and I get charged so much per minute if I am late getting there.

My mom said she can help me out once in awhile and Adam sometimes gets home before 6. It is so hard to rely on Adam though because he never knows exactly when he will get home until his day is about half way over. With driving truck, he could get delayed at any time depending upon traffic, road work, his customers, etc. I'd like to be out of work by 5:15pm at the latest because traffic is always really bad on a Friday afternoon.

Also, I need to call the daycare today or tomorrow to double check on things I need to being for Olivia; extra clothes, diapers, formula, etc. I am hoping that they will let me just bring a can of formula, water, diapers and wipes to just leave there until she runs out. It would be so much easier than packing all that shit up every night or morning. Does anyone know if most daycares will allow you to do that?

On Monday, if I am feeling ambitious, I might stop by her daycare with her. I know that it is a good place from what everyone else tells me. Some of the daycares I looked into got both good and bad references from people I've talked to, but this one I have heard only good things about so that puts my mind at ease just a little. Maybe if I stop in I won't dread taking her there as much. I never knew this was going to be so hard.

Well, Adam is def. coming home tonight, thank goodness. I miss and so does Olivia. He said he was a little depressed yesterday because all he wanted to do was come home and see me and the baby. I cannot wait for the weekend so we can spend some time together. I am also excited for the weekend because my sister is coming home from college until Sunday. She is really anxious to see the baby. She hasn't seen her since the end of August. Megan is not going to believe how big Olivia has gotten since then! So I think it will be a good weekend ...I better enjoy it because on Tuesday I go back to work .... UGH!

missdahling at 11:25 am