Monday, Aug. 21, 2006

He's Back

My cat came home last weekend. When I walked outside to go to work, I heard him meow. It took me a moment to locate him though because even though he could be heard, he couldn't be seen. I followed the sound of his voice to our neighbor's house which is beside our house, to the right. Monsieur was huddled in the corner of a small fence attached to the side of our neighbor's house. The fence is only about four feet high and four feet wide with a six inch opening at the bottom. When he heard me call his name, he came flying out from underneath the fence like a bat out of hell. He jumped onto the porch and quickly went inside immediatly after I opened the back door. He was greeted by our other cat who looked very surprised, but happy to see him. For most of last weekend, Monsieur spent his time sleeping and eating. He has now lost all priveleges of going outside. I am glad he is back. I was worried about him.

missdahling at 9:06 pm