Thursday, Aug. 10, 2006

And other exciting news...

Other interesting news includes the following in order from most important to least important ....

- Adam's aunt and uncle are buying Patty and Jack's house. They are putting the one they reside in now on the market immediatly and moving in with Patty. Their house should not be hard to sell because they live in a great neighborhood. Patty is very happy that she gets to stay in the place that she is most familiar with. I am happy for her too.

- Mr. Skins ran away. He got out of the house when Adam was home on Tuesday and has not been seen by me since Sunday. I asked one of our neighbors if they've seen him and his last known whereabouts was on Tuesday evening. I'm worried about him and hope he finds his way home if he isn't already dead.

- Adam will soon be the owner of a new car. He is being given his cousin's old one because his aunt and uncle are buying Patty and Jack's. Adam asked, but they don't want any money for the old car. He will finally have his own set of wheels!

missdahling at 6:19 pm