Wednesday, Mar. 29, 2006


The customer service course instructor let the class out thirty minutes early yesterday. I called Adam to tell him to come and pick me up as soon as I knew that I was going to be out of there early. By all of the background noise while I was on the phone with him, I knew immediatly that he was at the bar, shooting pool with his friend Matt. A little irritated, I told him that he could come pick me up. There was surprise in his voice as he exclaimed,"Oh! You're done with training now?" Uh, yeeaaaah...that's why I was calling...

As I waited for him to pick me up I smoked a cigarette and waved goodbye to everyone else who was in my class that day as well as the instructor of the class and the employees at the bank. They all locked up and went home while I stood outside of the building like an idiot, waiting for my ride. Like I had anticipated, Adam did not show up for another forty five minutes after I had called him. When I saw my car pull into the parking lot, my heartbeat quickened and I felt my fists clench slightly. However, even though I was feeling angry, I didn't say anything to him about it.

"Traffic was really bad on the way over here," he said.

"Oh, was it?" That's all I said about it, but during my forty five minute wait, I had done some thinking. First of all, I knew that he would be late. Second of all, I knew that the reason he was going to be late was because he wouldn't leave the bar directly after I called. He would wait another twenty five minutes, then leave to come get me. Lastly, I knew he would make an excuse as to why he was late. Does he play me for a fool or what? He should know better.

I was a little quieter than usual on the ten minute drive back to our house, but none the less, I didn't say anything about being upset that I was picked up late. I decided to let it go because I didn't really think it was anything worth arguing over. Besides, we've argued about the exact same situation many times in the past and haven't gotten anywhere. This time, I decided not to beat a dead horse.

Shortly after we got home, we were out again. This time, with Matt and a girl that he just started seeing. Matt picked Adam and I up in his jeep first, then we all headed over to girl's house to get her. I was shocked at the appearance of the girl that Matt is seeing when she walked out of her house. At home, Adam was telling me that she would be a good girlfriend for Matt because she was a girl with class. Perhaps Adam and I have different ideas of what is classy and what isn't. I'll leave it at that.

Matt and his (un)classy lady sat in the front while Adam and I fought for room in the back. I am never happy about sitting in the back of any vehicle, but sitting in the back of jeeps is tougher than most cars or trucks. Before we left, I refused to go along if I couldn't sit in the front, but Adam talked me into it. He said,"Come on, Matt's date is sitting in the front and you and I are going to sit in the back together." Yeah, whatever...I'll suck it up.

For awhile, I was having fun. The music was blasting from Matt's shitty speakers as we drove up the mountain. Where I live, people who have jeeps, snowmobiles in the winter, all wheel drive vehicles, etc., drive up little pathes on this huge mountain, up to the top and back down. Up until yesterday, I had only heard people talk about doing it. I had never actually had the experience myself. It was pretty fun because since we were in a jeep, it gave us the ability to splash through big mud puddles, drive over rocks almost the size of boulders and make it up hills so steep it looked like you could reach out and touch the sun. It was cool ripping around, causing chaos.

Towards the middle / end of our excursion, I realized something. We had been driving for almost an hour and Adam had had conversations with everyone (Matt and (un)classy) except for me. When he would want to talk to Matt, he would say,"Hey, Matt..." or when he'd want to talk to whatsherface, he would address her by name too. Not once did he say,"Yo, Jenn...." The conversations that he had with Matt and girl were ones that I could not even contribute to because they all had to do with things that happened in the past. Things that happened long before I was even heard of. So instead of talking, I sat there and steamed over it.

Then, later on, he wondered why I didn't go to the bar with them. He wondered why I didn't say more than two words to him while he watched a movie. Then, he wondered why I went right to sleep after the movie ended. It frusterated me last night to no end because he does that sort of thing ALL THE FUCKING TIME when we are out with other people. I'm sick and tired of it. He doesn't understand that he's even doing it either which is the sad part. Things aren't good between us. They haven't been for a while and I am not sure what to do about it.

missdahling at 9:54 pm