Monday, Mar. 27, 2006

What I've been Up To

My life has been the same since the last time that you've heard from me. The same meaning routine and almost boring. As I've said before, my new job is going great. I am starting to become accostumed to the daily ritual and tasks that are done throughout the day. Pretty soon everything will be second nature to me. Tomorrow and Wednesday I will be out of the office to attend a customer service course that is required of all new employees. So, this week I will only have two and a half days of actual work. It's kind of a nice break even though I do and can honestly say that I love my job.

Adam and I had a weekend that was typical of us. We played cards on Saturday night with our usual crowd of friends. This past Saturday wasn't as much fun as I usually have when we go there. The card games were just as fun but some people sort of ruined the evening for me. I was pissed off because Cheryl was drunk and annoying, but that isn't what really upset me. As I was playing my hand in the livingroom, I couldn't help but overhear a conversation that was taking place in the kitchen between Adam and our friend Melinda.

"What ever happened with that job you were going to get?" Melinda inquired.

"I'm waiting for ----- to call me back. They called and told me to put in another application," Adam told her.

"Oh, I heard you didn't pass the piss test."

"I didn't take the piss test,"said Adam.

"Well, if you coudln't pass it at -----, then you're not going to be able to pass it at -----."

What pissed me off was that Melinda was talking about this topic to Adam in a very loud voice; loudly enough for everyone who was playing cards to hear. She is a very nosy person and gossipping is one of her favorite hobbies so who knows exactly how many people she has had this conversation with. Talk about us all you want, but do it with tact, please. She thinks he won't be able to pass a piss test and yes, she is probably correct. But I have two words for her: detox kit.

Normally on Sundays Adam and I don't really do a hell of a lot. We usually just lay around all day and rest. Yesterday, however, our friends Chuck and Tammy stopped by our place to hang out for a bit. Adam and I quickly tidied up the kitchen while Chuck and Tammy parked their car. Chuck, Adam and I smoked a bowl while we all played a game of cards. Tammy does not smoke, but Adam and I were almost certain that she caught a contact buzz. She was acting really goofy and making us all laugh.

We went out for dinner at a dank, little hotdog joint. The restaurant; if you even want to call it a restaurant, is seriously the size of a large closet. It only seats five people but they have the best hotdogs ever. Their chili cheese dogs are especially good. Adam and Chuck each decided on three of those while Tammy and I stuck with ketchup, mustard and onion.

After everyone finished eating, we rented movies and headed over to Chuck and Tammy's place to watch them on the big screen. They live in a very small, but cute apartment. It's a one room apartment with one bathroom and kitchen. The livingroom is a decent size though because the couch, chair, bed and big screen tv all fit in there without being cramped. Adam and I made ourselves comfortable on the couch while Chuck sat on the chair and Tammy on the bed. Within the first half hour of Jarhead Tammy was fast asleep. Adam, Chuck and I all liked the movie. I thought it was really good except for the fact that I thought there would be more action. Tammy said that she liked what she saw of the movie.

Since everyone was getting tired, we only watched one of the three movies we rented. Adam and I watched one other one when we got back home. I was planning on watching the other, but couldn't keep my eyes open any longer so I went to sleep, only to wake up four hours later and see Adam playing video games. By the time we went to sleep for good it was about six in the morning. Today was my day off so of course I spent it sleeping until mid afternoon. In my opinion though, it isn't a bad way to spend a day off. We all need that once in awhile.

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