Wednesday, Feb. 01, 2006


This morning at 10:00 am marked the moment at which I officially started my new job at the bank. Today I met with the woman from the human resources department; the same woman who conducted my telephone interview, for an orientation. Following her directions, I walked into the bank and took the elevator up to the second floor. I asked for Sue, and the receptionist told me that she would be with me in just a moment. She was shorter than I had imagined her, but otherwise, her appearance was pretty much what I had expected it to be. The suit that she was wearing made her appear very business like. I had tried one on similar to the one she was wearing about two weeks ago when I got the news that I would be having a face to face interview. I had spoken with Sue a few times before over the phone so it was nice to be able to finally match a face with a name.

A few minutes after we had introduced ourselves, I was sitting in a cubicle at a glass table across from Sue. Luckily I had remembered to fill out the packet of papers she had mailed me; documents such as contact information, direct deposit papers asking for my checking account and routing number, case of emergency names and phone numbers, etc. Even though I had filled the paperwork out, I had failed to bring two sources of identification. The only proof I had on me was my driver�s license. Tomorrow, I will need to go to the police office to get fingerprinted and return them to the bank along with my social security card. So far, the orientation was going as I had expected.

As we got further and further into the orientation, it was still going as I had planned it to go; except it was getting a little more tedious than I had imagined. For the next three hours I was bombarded with a lot of information. I admired her diamond necklace as we discussed the dress code policy, my benefits, my vacation days, the life insurance policy, the stocks that I will be able to partake in once the date is July 2007, dental coverage, and paid holidays; my first one being Presidents� Day. Many, many more aspects were talked about and in great depth and detail. When we were finished, Sue�s folder; the one that was very thick with papers when I first arrived, was now very thin and on my side of the table, stacked in a huge pile in front of me.

Of course, the information that was thrown at me in a three hour period was a lot to take in, but when Sue asked if I had any questions, I couldn�t think of any off the top of my head. I will have to review the mound of papers I was given on my own time and decide which ones I need to fill out and return, which are important that I need to store away and keep, and which ones are junk that can be thrown in the trash can. As soon as possible, I need to get the many forms filled out and returned back to her so there won�t be a hold on my benefits or anything else. As of now, I will take it one day at a time and start with the fingerprints and social security card. As for the rest of the papers, I will start filling them out this weekend maybe, but I figure that I will definitely have plenty of time to get all of those sorted out next week while I am sitting in my hotel by myself after four o�clock when the training is over for the day.

Easy for me, my hotel accommodations for next week and the week were already made for me by Sue. Today, she gave me directions to the hotel, which is located conveniently next to a Pizza Hut and some other restaurant. According to Sue, my hotel is only about five minutes driving distance away from the training center that I will be going to everyday from nine am � four pm. It�s great that each place I will be at is close by to one another, but none the less, it still leaves Adam and I with a slight problem. We only have one car that we share, so that leaves us asking ourselves; who gets the car? Another question I ask myself is this: Whoever does not have the car, how will they get from point A to point B? It would be logical that he would have the car at home since he needs it in order to take deliveries for work, however, it would not be illogical for me to take the car with me for the simple fact that it is my car and this job is a big deal to me. This is a problem presented to us and one that we will need to solve within the next few days before I leave very early on Monday morning.

The trip I will be making on Monday, honestly, will be somewhat of a change from ones I have been on in the past. My job is requiring me to travel two hours for training which is a new territory for me all in itself. However, the major difference that distinguishes this trip from others is that I will be making it alone. I�ve been on vacations, stayed nights at a time away from home and my own comfortable bed, been away from close family and friends for days, but I have never stayed in a hotel for an entire week with no one but myself to keep my company. That makes me a little nervous and I cannot help but to think that it will be a little lonely. In situations like this, a laptop would be a lifesaver. At least then I�d have the familiarity and companionship of diaryland, hotmail, and yahoo games. Instead, I picture myself alone, sitting on my bed watching television until late into the night. At least the solitude might ensure that I get a good night�s rest for the two weeks I will be there.

Even though I do have doubts and insecurities about being alone, I am excited to start this training and excited to be getting away for a little while. I just wish that I weren�t so dependant upon being around other people and that I were more independent. I will try my best to be friendlier than usual, more attentive than usual, and a lot more secure about myself than I usually am because this is the start of something new and I need to go into all of this with a positive attitude. I vow to do so too.

missdahling at 6:33 pm