Thursday, Jan. 26, 2006

Good News!

I'm used to spending every weekend with Adam, but since he started working at his new job, he works on Saturday nights and Sundays. I went to the weekly card game by myself again while he delivered pizzas to the finest people in town (yeah, riiiight...) who don't tip worth a damn. I convinced him to come play cards after he was done working and to my surprise, he did. I understand that it was probably really awkward for him to see all the people he knows from working at the bar, but all of them are really good hearted people who I don't think would hold anything against him. It's easier for me to say, I realize, since I'm not in the situation but I think everyone was glad he came because they all welcomed him back with open arms. I'm glad he took the initiative to go because now that he's seen all those people after the incident at the bar, maybe it will be easier for him to associate and become friends with them again.

All weekend, the thought of whether or not I'd get hired at the bank was crossing my mind. While I kept myself busy playing cards and reading books, it was still in the back of my mind that they were going to call me on Monday and that then, I would find out if I could finally stop filling out job applications.

By the time I glanced at the clock on Monday night and saw that the numbers read seven pm, I said to Adam,"The bank isn't going to hire me, are they?" When I went in for my interview last week, the manager told me that the head of human resources would be calling me sometime on Monday to let me know whether or not they wanted me to work for them. I had a bad feeling about it. I thought that if they were going to hire me, they would have definitly called to tell me. "They might call you tomorrow," Adam said. "They'll probably call while we're still sleeping. If not, call them the next day to find out what's going on."

Of course Adam was right. The next afternoon, around 1pm my cell phone woke me up out of a deep sleep. I bolted upright in bed and reached for my phone which was conveniently sitting on the nightstand beside me. Although I was still half asleep and the sound of my phone ringing kind of jolted me, I didn't even have to look at the caller id to know it was the bank calling. Head of human resources was on the phone with me telling me that they would like to offer me the position working at the bank! With her, I set up an orientation for next Wednesday that will take about three hours. On the following Monday I will travel about an hour or two for training that will last two weeks. The company will put me up a hotel where I will stay the entire week, then come home on the weekend and then travel back to the training for the last week. I will find out the details when I go in for my orientation.

It is a really good thing that I got the job because just last week, a letter in the mail notified me that my unemployment checks might stop because I failed to attend a required seminar that would help me find a job. Adam was absolutly livid about it too. "Jennifer!!! All you needed to do was send in that paper stating why you weren't able to go to the seminar!!! That's all you had to do!" I went to the unemployment office where I filed an appeal, saying that I didn't go to the seminar because of a family emergency. On Monday I received two unemployment checks in the mail. I don't know what's going on with that, but I will file unemployment next week, hoping to receive one more last check before I return to the working world again. Believe me, I am ready to start working again.

Last night, I went to some friends' house to inquire about selling jewlery. There was a deal where if I went over and listened to the spiel, I got a free purse. There were several to choose from, but the one that caught my eye was black patent leather with touroise shell handles. If I don't decide to sell the jewlery, at least I got a cute, new accessory out of it.

As I listened to my friend explain about the company and the benfits of it, I realized that it all sounded good. Basically, I would get people to have jewlery parties, then I would go to their homes and sell the product. On average, I would be making around two hundred dollars per show. Could be more, could be less. Shows last anywhere from twenty minutes - two hours tops. Not bad money for the amount of hours I would need to put into it. But of course, there is always a catch. The catch is that I would need to buy a kit with various pieces of jewlery in that I would take with me to the home shows. The kit costs around nine hundred dollars. If I booked about five people who would be willing to have shows, then the kit would be pretty much paid for because like I said, I would make roughly two hundred per show. I'm debating and probably will be for a few weeks...maybe even a few months. It's up in the air right now, but it's something that I'm considering.

On a closing note, I have decided today that I am going to quit smoking. I have tried to quit before, but all it amounted to was that I smoked a lot less; a pack every three -four days as opposed to a pack per day. But, this time is for real, except for when I'm at the bar or playing cards. Afterall, there are exceptions to every rule; kind of like 'u' always comes after 'q' except for in Iraq. I've always been one to bend the rules a bit though. Quitting smoking is one of the many changes that is happening in my life and even though I am not usually a person to adapt to change easily, this time, I am actually excited for it.

missdahling at 8:15 pm