Friday, Dec. 30, 2005

Christmas 2005

I can honestly say that the holidays were great for me...much better than I expected them to be anyway. However, even though I drank, ate, and was merry, I am seriously glad that Christmas is over for once again, another whole year.

Liz called me the Thursday night before Christmas to ask if her, Ana and I were still exchanging gifts on Christmas eve. "Yes, even though I haven't begun any of my shopping yet," I told her. Since she still had to buy gifts for a few people, we made plans to go shopping the next day which was Christmas eve.

The next evening as I was getting ready to go out to the mall with Liz, Adam came home from work with gifts in his hands. He handed me a bag and said sarcastically,"Nice wrap job, huh?" I laughed and had a huge smile on my face because this was a surprise. We had earlier agreed not to buy anything for each other since money is sort of an issue this year. Inside of the plastic grocery bag was a decorative basket that I find many uses for. He bought me a scented candle as well. With these things, I was happy. With the other gift that I found inside the basket, I was even happier. The small hunter green, felt, box contained one of those past, present, and future necklaces. Many times I had seen them on tv and commented that I liked them. I was glad that he remembered that. As I said, money is tight this year, and the only reason I was able to receive such a great gift from him was that again, he played the lottery and hit four out of five numbers on the cash five. Four out of five numbers!!!! We were only one number away from becoming millionares.... What if? is what we keep asking ourselves. But then I snap back to reality and tell myself that four out of five is better than zero out of five. Beggers cannot be choosers.

Exceitedly, I told Liz and Sherri about my new piece of jewlery and like good friends, they were as excited as I was. The mall was hopeless on the night before Christmas eve. Everyone was there doing their last minute shopping and there I was, just starting mine. I was only able to find gifts for two people that night until we got so fed up with the crowded aisles and long check out lines that we said,"Screw it." and left.

I thought the stores were bad on the night before Christmas eve....well, jesus, actual Christmas eve was even worse. The stores were three times as packed as they had been the night before. Apparently I am not the only one who waits until last minute to shop. I was able to finish my shopping, but I was miserable by the time I left the mall.

Shopping always makes me exhausted so by the time I got home I was ready for a nap. When I woke up I was in a much better mood, ready to pick Adam up from work so we could go out for a bit before my gift exchange with my friends.

The other bar that Adam works at closed early on Christmas eve, around eight pm, but they had a party that started around four. Free drinks were served from four until eight. Everyone was there and everyone was in such a good mood. As soon as we walked through the door people were coming up to us, wishing us a merry Christmas and telling us to have a good holiday. Oh yeah, everyone was also really drunk which is to be expected when the drinks are free.

I got myself drunk off of blackberry Arbor Mist while Adam drank his beer and shot pool. The atmosphere was light and festive. I can't remember the last time I was in a room full of people where everyone was having that much fun.

Afterwards, Adam and two of our other friends went to another bar, where Adam's dad was working. There, I switched to Coor's Light drafts. Whenever I am drunk, I drink Coor's. I do not know why, but they always taste so good.

By the time nine o'clock rolled around I was d-r-u-n-k. I arrived at Liz's house stumbling and slurring only slightly. However, it made exchanging gifts a lot more fun for me anyway. When I was finished opening a gift, I kept exclaiming,"I love this!!! I wanted this!!!!!" It was true too, I love my Body by Victoria perfume, Love Spell lotion, body spray, bath gel and purse that I got from Liz. Ana's gift to me was just as great. She got me a new scarf and hat that I really needed, lip gloss, and a really cute pair of underwear with a matching sweater. She probably didn't match them on purpose, but that night I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Ana had made food and brought it along to Liz's house so we ate chicken, rice and macaroni. Shortly after that I decided it was time for me to leave before I didn't feel like driving home.

I made it home safely and passed out almost immediatly after my head hit the pillow.

Christmas day was a long day just like any other holiday that requires Adam and I to visit family. First stop was Adam's grandparents' house. The routine was the same as how it was every other year I've been there. His whole family was there and we all ate ham, potatoes, corn, etc. As we were eating I had to listen to his cousins talk about stupid things like frat parties, sorority parties, etc. even though none of them are even greek. Adam complained about it to me in private that they were annoying and I agreed but reminded him that I acted exactly the same way three years ago. It's weird how much I changed within the past few years.

After we exchanged gifts we drove to my parents' house to exchange gifts and eat again. My sisters had already opened their gifts from my parents so I was the only one who still had wrapped presents sitting underneath the tree. My parents got me a new digital camera since my old one broke about two years ago. That was the gift from them that I was most excited about because I didn't expect them to spend that much money on me. In my stocking were some things like earings, nail polish, etc. For Adam and I both, they got us a toasted and George Foreman grill. I know, I know, most people already own these things, but we don't cook (or make toast). I suppose we'll start.

I gave my family the gifts I had gotten them and after that we ate. My stomach was already full from eating at Adam's grandparents' house, but I managed to eat another plate of food, plus dessert.

By the time all that was over, it was about five o'clock in the evening and we still had to travel thirty minutes to visit Adam's mom and her boyfriend. Again, we ate and exchanged gifts. Adam's mom got me the cutest Boyd's bear since I collect them. It's an elf dressed in green velvet and it is adorable. She also got me a gift certificate for Wal Mart that I can definitly use and she gave us a card with money in that we haven't decided what we are going to spend it on yet. We should probable use it for something responsible like bills, but I really am leaning towards doing something fun with it like going on a mini vacation.

It was great visiting with Adam's mom. I really wish I got to see her more often because I love her and only get to see her on holidays. I think that if we saw each other more often we would be pretty good friends. It's just unfortunate that she lives kind of far away.

That night after Adam and I got home and all of the hussle and bussle and busy day was over, we relaxed, looked at our gifts and talked about the day that we had. "This is our third Christmas together," I said to Adam. "Yep, and we'll have many, many more in years to come." he replied.

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