Monday, Nov. 21, 2005

Hello From Philly

Again, a lot has been happening and I haven't been able to write about it. My job hunt is starting to look up. There were several ads in the newspaper that I found interesting so I'm going to start putting applications in. Believe it or not, I am ready to go back to work. The break was nice, but I find myself being bored more than I find myself keeping busy (not with anything productive anyway).

Adam's job hours changed last week because once again, they fired another one of his co workers for having a bad attitude. He now works the 3pm - 11pm shift which is nice. The only downfall that there is is that he had to quit his other bartending job to accomodate the new schedule. There was no way he could pass up those hours though. He doesn't have to wake up early and tips are the best during that shift.

When he got done working on Friday night he picked me up at our house so that we could go out for a bit. It was his co workers birthday and she had called me, asking me to come party with everyone. By the time Adam and I got back to the bar she was already in her car ready to leave. When I stopped by her car she said to me,"Jenn, I'm so smashed right now .... I've gotta go home." I wish I would have gotten to hang out for awhile because Adam informed that she was really funny. Before Friday night she hadn't had a drop of alcohol for over a year. On her birthday I was told that she drank about six beers and over half a bottle of Doctor McGuillicuty.

I had fun anyway that night
getting drunk off blueberry wine. We came home and I had such a headache that it prevented me from falling asleep until around eight am the following morning.

Saturday was Adam's pool match. He won both of his games and was proud as could be.

Instead of playing cards yesterday afternoon we treated ourselves to an afternoon out. First we went out for steak dinners, then to the movies with another friend of ours. It was Adam's idea to take him along because we were going to see the new Johnny Cash movie and the friend is a big fan. At karaoke he always tries to sing Walk the Line but is usually too drunk to remember the words. It usually sounds like a bunch of mumbling and then loudly you will hear ,"I walk the line..."

The movie was good. It was interesting to me even though I don't know too much about the man. I only knew a few of his songs before I saw the movie.

We ended up getting drunk off of Budweiser last night and staying up really late/early playing video games.

This afternoon around three I dropped Adam off at work and then headed towards Philadelphia. Three hours later, here I am. I am waiting for my sister to get back from her class. I'm spending the night here and coming home sometime tomorrow. Yep, I'm taking Megan with me so she can come home for Thanksgiving.

I apologize for my entries being so poorly written. Once I get the internet at my house maybe I'll be able to write something half decent again. I'm gonna go try to catch up on some journals. I'm so behind....

missdahling at 6:54 pm