Wednesday, Oct. 05, 2005


It is the beginning of October and I am already thinking about what to buy my friends and family for Christmas. I need to think about it now so that what happened last year does not happen again this year. Last year, I waited until the very last minute to buy people's gifts. Not only did I run out of time, I ran out of money too. Everything was rushed and the gifts that I gave were somewhat crappy. This year, I don't want it to be like that. I want to get the majority of my shopping done before Thanksgiving.

I don't really have that many people to buy for; just my family which includes my mother, father, and two sisters. Each year my friends and I exchange gifts too. Last year we each chose a name out of a hat so that we only had to buy for one person instead of 5. We'll most likely do the same this year. Adam and I have talked a little bit about Christmas, but not too much. We were originally thinking that we weren't going to get one another gifts, just get caught up on bills. However, I feel that I need to get him something. So right now, since I don't know what's going on with my friends or Adam as far as gifts go, I'm just going to concentrate on buying things for my family.

Megan, my sister who is 19 is very easy to buy for because her and I have similiar tastes. For her, I am thinking about buying the following :

- makeup bag filled w/ make up (eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, makeup brushes, lipgloss, eye lash curler, concealer, etc.)

- i pod

For my youngest sister, Madison, I have a few ideas. She is also a fairly easy person to pick out gifts for. The following are ideas that I have for her:
- trampoline

- American Girl doll w/ some accessories (she is really into those now)

I could do a number of things for my parents, but I think I'm going with a combined gift because my dad is really hard to buy for. It seems as though he never actually 'needs' anything and never wants anything either. So for them, this is what I am thinking:

- a new tv for their kitchen. Their old one stopped working a few months ago.

- a few gift certificates for restaurants

-massage gift certificates

After thinking about it, I've decided that instead of actually buying Adam a gift, I would arrange some kind of mini vacation for both of us. It would be better if it were a surprise and it could even be sometime in January. That way, I would have time to save a little more money too. I need to think of a fun city either in Pa or in a state near Pa that wouldn't be too far to travel to. It would probably only be a weekend trip so we couldn't go anywhere too terribly far. We coud leave Friday night and stay until Sunday night or even Monday morning. If anyone has any suggestions about where to go, what things to do, feel free to let me know please. I am not a very good planner.

So, that's what I've come up with thus far. Adam's gift might be prone to change if he mentions a gift that he might really want. I figure that if I get these gifts bought, then all I really have to worry about is buying gifts for my friends and that won't be bad at all. It won't seem so overwhelming if all I need to get is one person's gifts instead of five or six people's. The point is that this year, I will be organized.

missdahling at 11:40 am