Monday, Oct. 03, 2005

Everythings OK

All in all, my weekend wasn't that bad. I watched quite a few pool matches on Saturday. Adam bartends on Wednesday nights but shoots in a Wednesday night league (different league from Saturdays) when they have home matches. The big tournament for the Wednesday night team was this past weekend. It started on Friday night with around twenty different teams in attendance. I didn't go to that one. I stayed home because I wasn't feeling well. Of course I didn't get to go because Adam said that he shot really well, winning both of his matches. It figures that I wouldn't get to see it. He did not get home until around midnight - one am and the tournament for that night wasn't even over yet.

The tournament continued on Saturday morning so Adam had to go back to the bar where they were shooting at around eleven am while I was still stuck at work. He shot sometime while I was either at work or when I went home to take a shower; I'm not sure which, but I know that he lost. He picked me up, we went back to the Wednesday night league's tournament so he could shoot his second match. It turned out that we didn't even need to be there because he didn't shoot anyway. The guy on his team who was up before him lost his match so that ended that session. It sucked because I felt like we went there for nothing, which was basically true. I know that it's good to be there and support the team, but we had other places to be at that time.

The Saturday pool team match had already started when we arrived. There was not a seat at the bar, nor even an empty table, so Adam and I sat at the mega touch machine and played trivia games. I kicked his ass in most of the ones that we played . ;-) To begin with, we didn't have very much money and knew we'd need more by the end of the night, so I went to the restuarant where I waitress to pick up my paycheck. It felt good to go in there and not have to start a shift. More so though, it felt good to go in there and have all my co workers see me in regular clothes as opposed to my black pants and polo shirt that is entirely too big. At least now they might think a little better of me. My check was more than I thought it would be, so I was pleasantly surprised. However, it won't be that big normally because I was just paid for three weeks instead of two. Still, it was nice.

When I got back to the bar, the match was still going on but Adam had not shot yet. I was just in time to have a glass of champagne handed to me right when I walked in. There was a wedding going on in the back room and one of the members of the pool team knew the bride. Usually I don't care for champagne, but I could have drank the whole bottle of this particular brand. It was very good. We weren't there for much longer than forty five minutes before we left. Same thing as the Wednesday night league, he didn't shoot in his Saturday league either. The reason being was probably because we were a little late getting there, but still, his captain could have placed him to shoot in the middle or even last. That would have been better than not at all. We felt like we wasted our time again.

We had a short amount of time to kill until we had to be back at the bar for the remainder of the Wednesday night league so we went home, smoked a bowl, then went back to the bar. This time, it was a lot more crowded than it had been earlier. There was an uncomfortable amount of people in there, probably because I didn't care for a lot of them. The majority of the guys there were assholes and there was one girl in particular who I don't know personally, but didn't really care to get to know. She was loud and annoying and I felt like she was staring at me the whole time. Maybe I was just paranoid, but that's how it seemed. Adam's team captain placed him second in the lineup but it seemed like it took an eternity until it was his turn because each person shoots up to three games. Basically, it's a race to three. Whoever wins two out of the three is the winner.

I was worried about that girl staring at me and just felt really uncomfortable as I sat there drinking my beer while Adam shot pool. I was half paying attention but had problems getting a clear view of the pool table because there were a lot of people standing behind my stool. Whenever I could, I'd watch though. Adam won the first game because his opponent scratched on the eight ball. It was close the second game. Adam was very, very close to winning until he tried to bank and shot and then he scratched on the eight ball. So, it came down to the third game in order to determine the winner. When Adam's opponent had one ball plus the eight ball left on the table and it was Adam's turn to shoot, he played a defensive shot so that his opponent wouldn't be able to do too much. It worked out well because his opponent scratched on the eight ball again, making Adam the winner of his match. Directly after he shot, we left which is what I had been waiting for.

You guys are going to think I'm this huge lush because it was off to another bar then for our card tournament party. There, any drinks that people wanted were free and they had a free meal for everyone too. We all visited with one another while we ate stuffed pork chops, mashed potatoes and corn. The pork chops were really good. It's rare that I ever get to eat a meal like that. Besides a small sandwich, that was the only thing Adam ate the entire day because of his diet. He drank, but he drank Michelob Ultra .....

After everyone was finished eating, we got some card games going. There was a table of people playing high - lo and a table of people playing Texas Hold'em. Adam played Hold'em but didn't win. He then decided to try his luck at the high - lo game which now, I wish he wouldn't have done. While I played three games of Texas Hold'em for a total of thirty dollars (ten dollar buy in per game), he spent fifty dollars of my money playing one game of high - lo. I hated that I felt this way because basically, his money is my money, but I was getting sort of pissed off at him for blowing my money like that. Whenever he needed more money, he would yell to me,"Hey, I need a twenty ..." It just got irritating I guess. Then, the last time he asked for ten dollars I gave him three ones and was like,"Here ya go." After that, he said he was going to call Nate so that we could get a bag of weed. I knew he didn't have any cash so I said,"Are you buying that?" He shut up then. In the end, I came out even because I placed in the money all but one game.

By the time we were finished playing cards, it was around two in the morning. My stomach felt sick for some reason and I was really tired and wanted to go home. After we dropped off two of our friends, we headed home ourselves. Even though all I really wanted to do was go to bed, I smoked a few hits with Adam after he said a little angrily,"It's the end of Saturday night and you're not even gonna smoke. The weekend is going to end tomorrow night.." Whatever, I thought. I'll just appease him. When we were finished smoking, we somehow ended up getting into a fight. We were laying in bed and I was just about asleep when Adam said,"I don't feel good ..." "What's wrong?" I asked. Then there was a long pause from him. Again, I inquired,"What's wrong?" Uh- oh . Trouble. "YOU would not understand!!!!" he shouted. And that's how it all began.

There isn't much to tell because we argued about basically nothing. I cried. He passed out. I couldn't sleep so I slept in the extra bedroom. In the morning, things weren't much better. I apologized for being a little upset about him spending my money and he apologized too. Still, I wasn't satisfied. It just makes me so angry when he gets drunk and out of line like that just because he was drinking. I knew that was why he acted the way he did and he did too. I grilled him until he admitted it. Some hurtful words were exchanged and we didn't talk the whole day. I think we said about three sentences that were civil to each other up until eleven pm when he left for work. I didn't get a kiss goodbye like I usually do; not that I wanted one anyway. All I got was a cold "goodbye" as he walked out the door. I didn't even bother to respond.

Today things are better. I'm in a better mood and ready to forgive him. That's the thing with me. When someone apologizes, I can't just forgive them, just like that. I need to be ready to forgive. At lunch time we both did apologize and were sincere about it. We said we were sorry for the hurtful things we said to each other and he apologized for being out of line on Saturday night. Everything is back to normal and I am glad. I knew it would be before long though. It seems like we just cannot stay mad at each other.

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