Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2005

Nine Months Ago

In about two weeks Adam and I will be all caught up with our finances. The gas, electric bill and all that will be paid, the rent will be paid in full and caught up for the following month, and slowly, but surely, my credit card bills are being paid off. It will be such a relief to both of us once this is all taken care of. Then, we will still have to save our money because of the upcoming holidays. At least now we'll actually be able to afford to buy our friends and family gifts without going more and more into debt. There's always the question as to how much to spend on each person we have to buy for though. I'm afraid that this year people won't be getting the nicest and most expensive gifts. I'm just hoping that everyone remembers that it's the thought that counts.

On Saturday night I was a little disappointed with myself for not winning the final card game of the tournament that has been going on since the beginning of the summer. Playing in the final game was most people's incentives to even participate in the smaller games. If you didn't play in those, you couldn't play the big game. If I would have won, that would have been an extra five hundred dollars which would have not only caught us up on our bills, but put us ahead some too. However, I did not win and neither did Adam. Actually, he was out fairly early in the game. He didn't even get to move to a different table because he was one of the first people knocked out. I made it to the final table, but could not catch good cards for the life of me so the blinds kept taking away my chips. Looking at the good point of things, at least I got my money back, plus fifteen dollars. The next tournament starts at the end of October. Wish me luck with that.

When the card game was over we stopped by our friends house and bought our first fifty bag in over two months. We smoked and relaxed that night while we watched latenight comedy on tv until we fell asleep.

Since I got off work early on Sunday night we smoked and spent time together until Adam had to go to work at 11pm. I went to work with him so he could make me something to eat. My stomach was an endless pit that night. I had a cheeseburger, a few egg rolls, a small bag of chips and a candybar. Now I know why I rarely smoke anymore. I also know why I lost a few pounds. That will be the end of smoking until the weekend I'm afraid. I don't want to get myself into the habit of doing it every night like I once did. Once or twice a week is all I really do anymore and I think that's a good amount. I like keeping things in moderation and I'm doing a good job at sticking with it.

The effects of the herbal substance had worn off right as I was about to leave. It left me tired, and all I really wanted to do at that point was go home, lay in bed and watch tv. When I looked at the clock, it read 12:36am. I remembered that Liz said her and Heather would be getting back around 1 in the morning so I decided to call her and just maybe I'd be able to see them if they were back in the area. If they weren't back yet, I was just going to head home. Liz's voice sounded so excited when she answered her phone. She said,"I'm at ****** with Heather and she's getting a taco salad!" Heather always used to get a taco salad from the gas station when we'd make latenight food runs after we'd been drinking or just hanging out. In California, they don't have the same gas station as we have in Pa, so it had been over nine months since she'd eaten her famous taco salad.

I waited for them to get to Liz's house for what seemed like forever. And you know what? When Heather walked through the door, it seemed as though she had never left. We greeted each other with a huge hug and told each other how much we missed one another. Her hair was lighter, she was a lot tanner, but she was still Heather. As we sat around Liz's kitchen table talking and laughing and catching up on times we had missed, I realized she hadn't changed at all. Her personality was still as great as it had always been. I was glad to see that too. So many times when people go away, they change and everything just seems different. It seems like you have nothing in common with a person who you used to know just as well, if not better, than yourself. I'm really happy that it wasn't like that with her. I didn't stay too long because I was tired and had to get up early on Monday morning, but told her I was sure I'd see her later this week. She replied,"I better see you this week! We have to go out!"

So far this week things are off to a good start. Hope everyone else's week is starting out like mine.

missdahling at 1:51 pm